A Two Front Nuclear War…And Then It Gets Really Bad

I’m taking a hell of a chance writing my Sunday article (traditionally the big story of the preceding week) on Thursday morning. Who knows what Trump will do with Friday afternoon and Saturday morning yet to come? Some observations and a bit of a crystal ball led me to today’s posting. Let’s explore.

With all of Trump’s childish actions an unnecessary military confrontation with North Korea looks more plausible with each passing day. That such a confrontation would involve the use of nuclear weapons is very believable.

It is expected that Trump will decertify the Iran Nuclear Deal in some sort of political kabuki dance this week*. Baring Congressional action (their track record has been far from sterling for several years now) that could further isolate America on the world stage and unleash Iran to become a nuclear power in short order. The Middle East has been unstable at least since the aftermath of World War I and the western powers (including the United States) have nobody but themselves to blame. Is it really that much of a stretch to say that a nuclear Iran would use nuclear weapons?

It is questionable whether or not North Korea currently has a delivery system capable of delivering a nuclear weapon to the United States homeland. It is generally established that they can hit any number of our bases and allies as well as very possibly our territories, in particular Guam.

We have all kinds of military assets in the Middle East and are therefore within easy range of Iranian forces.

A two front (coordinated or not) nuclear attack on Americans could happen with little or no notice. Then it gets really bad.

These confrontations would not exclusively take place in North Korea, Iran or the United States but on the soil of sovereign nations that most likely would be American allies. How China would avoid the fallout of nuclear war on the Korean peninsula is a mystery to me. Russia has forces in the Middle East that would become collateral damage in an Iranian nuclear confrontation. I can very easily see this snowballing into World War III.

I am not alone in my concern and assessment. In fact the concern is bi-partisan as none other than Republican Tennessee Senator and Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Bob Corker fears that Donald Trump is leading us toward, “World War III.”

I agree with one of Corker’s most profound statements of late: the White House has become an “Adult day care center.” Trump is colorful. He makes life easy for joke writers and comedians. He is great for the television ratings of cable news hosts. This is the real world and if something is not done about this President it could get a lot more deadly really quickly!

*Note: Trump decertified the Iran Nuclear Deal on Friday; before publishing but subsequent to the writing of this article.

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