A Tie – Part I

Most often the subject of the Sunday article is the biggest political news of the week just passed. This week in my opinion it is a tie. Therefore, I will cover them both today and tomorrow. Tomorrow’s concentration will be with the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in mind.

Thursday the Supreme Court announced its decision on OSHA’s proposed COVID vaccination or negative testing mandate for employers with over 100 employees. By a 6-3 vote they rejected it. In the process they ignored two prior Court rulings in Jacobson v Massachusetts (7-2 in 1905) and Zucht v King (9-0 in 1922). Simply put, in order to placate the extreme right wing – from which most of them come – they will kill thousands of Americans. Here are the six: Clarence Thomas (George H. W. Bush), Samuel Alito and John Roberts (George W. Bush) along with the Trump trio of Amy Coney Barrett, Neil “The maskless one” Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. I don’t feel it was an accident that all six were nominated by Republican presidents. I am renewing my call for a warning label on ballots that reads: WARNING: Voting for a Republican has repeatedly proven to be hazardous to your health.

The mandate was being instituted by the Occupation Safety and Health Administration. It is part of the Department of Labor and was established by act of Congress in 1970 when then-President Nixon signed the act into law. As the name would imply it is charged with seeing to it that workplaces are as safe as possible. Common sense and even a grade school reading level would imply that protecting workers from contracting a possibly fatal virus from their coworkers would fall under the authority granted to them by the federal legislative body (Congress). I refuse to stipulate to any of the six having reasoning ability or reading comprehension levels that rise to the standard of common sense. However, they have proven that they are dangers to American society. If this isn’t legislating from the bench then what is?

Chief Justice John Roberts has become a sort of liberal darling because he has happened to fall on the correct side of a few 5-4 decisions. I am far from exalting him! In fact he made the most lame (and that was a high bar to clear) comment during the oral arguments when he observed (I’m being kind in my choice of verbiage) that the OSHA legislation was 50 years old thereby implying that it was somehow obsolete. If that is the case where does that leave the Constitution that you are paid top interpret or the Second Amendment’s last four words which you and your kind hold so sacred? This is not the first outrageous and harmful decision by the Roberts’ Court; far from it.

As much as it pains me to do so I think the time has arrived to “pack” the Court in order to save the American people and American democracy. I call on President Biden to nominate four Supreme Court justices as soon as possible and for the Senate Democrats (there will be no help for the Republicans) to confirm them. You simply have to live today before you worry about what the forces of evil might do in the future.

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