A Song For Donald

What exactly Donald Trump will do after he leaves office other than be a defendant in multiple lawsuits is a matter of conjecture. How much golf can he play without his needed ego boosts?  I am among those who have long suspected that the launching of Trump TV with a starring role for The Donald is a good possibility.  Any star needs a theme song and that is the point/punch line of today’s article.  Let’s explore and laughing is not only allowed; it is encouraged. 

In 1964 The Beatles recorded I’m A Loser.  Trump, of course would never use it because it would be an admission that he lost.  However it would be not only funny but fitting. Consider these four lines:

I’m a loser

And I’m not what I appear to be

Although I laugh and I act like a clown

Beneath this mask I am wearing a frown


Trump is a loser. In fact it appears he only won the 2016 election with a little help from his Russian “friends” (another rock reference).  I wonder just how friendly they will be now that he is no longer their useful idiot.  Oh, he’s still an idiot; just no longer as useful to them.

Next we come to appearance. Wow, lots to work with here!  Trump portrays himself as a billionaire.  He probably isn’t or at least wasn’t before he took office – who knows how much he skimmed and scammed during the 2016 campaign and his time in office?  In his book, TrumpNation, Tim O’Brien claimed that Trump was not a billionaire.  Predictably Trump sued, the suit was dismissed, Trump appealed and on appeal the dismissal was upheld.

Sticking with appearance for a bit more, has anyone ever seen such an obvious fake tan in Washington since John Boehner left? Also Trump ran as a populist – a man of the average people and little guy.  To steal a phrase from Joe Biden, that’s a lot of malarkey.

Trump never seems to laugh but every time he gets caught with his foot in his mouth he claims it was a joke. I have a suggestion Mr. Trump; don’t try for a next career as a standup comic.  In his own way Trump is a clown.  More like a buffoon actually.  When I think of clowns and today’s wannabe fascist dictators I think of Boris Johnson.  He may be the only world leader with worse hair then Trump.  Even Kim Jung-un has a better haircut and that’s really getting down low in the standings.

I have never had a high opinion of Trump’s intelligence and I often have accused him of living in his own reality (the Donald Dome) but you have to think that deep down inside he knows he was an abject failure as President of the United States – along with several other ventures; who else do you know of that went bankrupt in the casino business multiple times – and that has to make him sad. The bad combover and fake tan could be considered a mask.

Trump is a loser and there is no doubt. He has a history of using artists’ songs against their wishes so purloining a Beatles’ song would just fit the pattern.  The only thing that doesn’t fit with Trump’s past is an admission of the truth.

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