A Song And A Poll

“In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking. Now, Heaven knows, anything goes.” Those are the opening words of the 1967 song, Anything Goes, as performed by Harper’s Bizarre. I’ll expand on that below and juxtapose it with a recent poll.

That is the song going through my head as I pen this on Tuesday morning. Yesterday’s and thus far today’s news have been dominated by the Trump criminal trial in New York City but the nation doesn’t seem the least bit alarmed that a former president and presumptive Republican nominee for that office is on trial for felony criminal violations that influenced the outcome of the 2016 election.

Let me be clear, the charges against Trump are that, among other things, he cheated in his business records and therefore on his taxes effectively stealing money from every other New York taxpayer. Yet, while approximately two-thirds of Americans say the charges are serious, one-third don’t view them as such. These are the same people who will go ballistic over petty shoplifters (and I’m not excusing their crime) while largely excusing and/or ignoring people cheating them by six or more figures. Tax evasion is not a victimless crime and it runs amok in America. That illustrates the perception between street level and white-collar crime as well as weighing the seriousness by the complexion of the perpetrator.

Back to the lyrics for a bit. In 1967 a while a glimpse of stocking may not have been scandalous it certainly did get the attention of this then teenage boy and I was far from alone. Today?

I remember when the Republicans felt they couldn’t run Nelson Rockefeller for President because he was divorced. Trump is twice divorced. I also remember when an alleged extra-marital affair sunk the presidential campaign of Democrat Gary Hart. Trump is credible accused of several affairs including several rapes. None of these examples are ancient history.

We will see what a jury does (and that is far from a lead pipe cinch!). However, paying off mistresses, juggling the books to cover up the payment all in the pursuit of influencing a close election is very, very serious and one out of three of my neighbors don’t think so. That has me thinking today and, except for the song, they are not pleasant thoughts.

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  1. As I watched Trump’s motorcade negotiating it’s way through the streets, I couldn’t help noticing the terrible condition those streets are in. He musta been bumpin’ his heavily coiffed head on the ceiling. Therein lies an example of what some of his unpaid taxes could have fixed. I’ll bet Cole Porter didn’t have as bumpy a ride in 1934 on the way to the theater to see his show “Anything Goes”.

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