A Second Day

Here we are; Day Two of the review of last week’s biggest political stories. Let’s Explore.

Sunlight Sometimes Works (To A Degree Anyway)

President Trump is ready to restart his traveling road show. The original plan was to hold the first MAGA rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Friday, June 19th which just happens to be the anniversary of Juneteenth in Oklahoma. Well, this time the public outcry “worked” and Trump announced he was moving the event to Saturday, June 20th in response to, “Many of my African-American friends and supporters”. I trust the phone calls didn’t cut too far into executive time.

The dog whistle is still intact in that Trump’s core supporters will realize that the reaction is nothing more than a publicity stunt and the insult to African-Americans commemorating Juneteenth and the 99th anniversary of whites in Tulsa slaying blacks remains intact.

“There is No Emergency”

A thinking person might question why Trump is restarting his rallies when 19 of the 50 states are experiencing an increase in coronavirus hospitalizations. (I realize intuitive is beyond the mental capacity of many Trump supporters but; in short order the number of fatalities has a very high positive correlation with the number of cases.)

Since the Trump administration has been an utter failure at containing the coronavirus pandemic in America it appears to have come up with an alternative strategy: just pretend it doesn’t exist. White House Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow was asked about the pandemic and he responded with the “company line”, “There is no emergency.” Perhaps the bigger question is: Why does anyone pay any attention to Kudlow especially involving economic issues?

Exception To Willful Ignorance

Registration for the Tulsa event is being handled via computer. Interestingly there is a disclaimer reading that attendees, “Voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19,” thereby holding the campaign and venue harmless. I guess it is only real if it might cost Trump money. This is proof again that Trump cares much more about his money than American lives. I wonder how much he laughs at the fools who comprise the adoring crowds at his rallies on the plane ride back home.

I have a suggestion for the song to be played over the PA as the crowd enters the arena: Prince’s I Would Die 4 U. Maybe a sing-a-long would convey their commitment to the great man.

Modern Republican Dog Whistle Racism Is Alive And Well

Legend has it that Richard Nixon devised the Southern Strategy which was an appeal to the white racist voters that were anxious to defect from the Democratic Party after it evolved into the party of civil rights. Unlike Trump, Nixon actually was smart so that is possible. Ronald Reagan kicked off his 1980 campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi. That was a dog whistle since Philadelphia, Mississippi is the sight of the murders of civil rights workers James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner in 1964. In addition to Tulsa, Trump is slated to have his “coronation” speech at the 2020 Republican National Convention in Jacksonville, Florida on August 27, 2020 which just happens to be the 60th anniversary of Ax Handle Saturday. On that date in 1960 white supremacists beat African-Americans with ax handles and baseball bats.

Numbers Don’t Lie if You Reveal The Real Ones

I am among the many who have questioned the numbers related to the coronavirus pandemic particularly in America. It is easy to prove they are understated. Despite that we have had the worst reaction to the pandemic in the world and certainly among similar advanced industrialized nations. (That is hardly a pat on the back to other countries in particular Sweden and the UK.) Stats from the last few days reveal that new cases are up more than 30% from just a bit ago. An increase in deaths is certain to follow. The reality is that we are not going to have our “summer off”; the hot spots are just moving which is certain to happen with premature relaxation and a lack of national leadership or a national policy. You can’t just lock down one place. It’s about as effective as a non-peeing section in a swimming pool and as obviously flawed.

That said, considering the Trump administrations current “see no evil” strategy how soon before we follow Brazil’s new policy (we already are in certain red states) of simply not reporting the numbers. Spoiler alert: Not talking about the coronavirus won’t make it magically disappear.

The Market Is Not The Economy But…

The Dow Jones plunged 1,861.82 points or 6.9% on Thursday. The reason given was over fears of the coronavirus problem. It rebounded 477.37 point or 1.9% on Friday. This all just illustrates how detached from reality the market is. It is basically a legal gambling casino for rich, dumb, white boys playing with other people’s money (Trump’s kind of guys). Do the buyers get their information via carrier pigeon and their financial advice from post-surgery lobotomy patients?

Here is some free investment counseling. First off, the only reason to be investing in stocks is for the long term in which case, with few exceptions, just sit tight and ride out the storm. The bottom has not been hit yet so under no circumstances should you be buying for the long run; again the only reason to be investing in stocks in the first place. There you have it in one paragraph and at no charge.

Concluding With A Joke

I’m not sure where I hear this one but the setup line is: Why did the orange chicken cross the road? No need for the punchline here.

As I feared, a lot was left on “the cutting room floor”. Hopefully I’ll get to comment on some of it in the coming days.

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  1. Buy low, sell high. that explains why the “day traders” are causing the stock market to bounce around radically. When it gets too high, the profit takers sell. The bottom falls out and the predators move it to take advantage. I have believed that the stock market has been way overvalued for decades. It is my (non economics education) opinion that the true value of the Dow is probably below ten thousand. I’m sure you will clarify and correct my thinking, Larry.

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