A Sandwich For The People

Wednesday night I watched President Biden’s State of the Union Address that technically wasn’t a State of the Union Address. It was a “substantial sandwich”.

To make a sandwich the first thing you do it lay down a slice of bread. In Biden’s case it was an acknowledgment of the two people behind him and what they symbolized. First the first time in our history both the Vice President and the Speaker of the House are women. Biden’s shout out set the tone for the rest of the evening. Even if he bored Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz into a nap he didn’t care; he was speaking to the people and the meat of his speech was full of items that especially considered the wants and needs of the female portion of the electorate. (When women work so does the American economy.) As an aside, Cruz later called Biden’s speech, “Boring and radical.” How you can be both simultaneously is interesting (I’m being polite Ted). Word of advice: if you are going to critique a performance it is advisable to remain awake during its entirety.

Biden spent the bulk of the meat portion of the sandwich going through his proposals for things that will bring America into the 21st century where, by the measure of several, primarily European, countries it is sadly lacking. There was one common outcome to all of them – they would create good paying jobs. That is something America has been in need of since Ronald Reagan set out to destroy the working and middle classes.

Then he proceeded to outline how he would pay for them which is primarily by closing loopholes, raising taxes on those making over $400,000 per year and cracking down on tax cheats. The programs and plan to pay for them (not expect them to magically pay for themselves like the Trump Tower Tax Cut which neither paid for itself nor made the economy boom) are popular with the electorate.
Just before the final slice of bread (more about that below) he went through the laundry list of “must mentions”. While I and the majority of Americans agree with most if not all of them in reality few will actually be achieved; in this term anyway.

The final slice was a classic halftime speech. Basically, he said we are Americans and we can do it. Now get out there and win!

Biden is striving for a new type of bipartisanship – a bipartisanship of the people.

The address went a bit over an hour – a little on the short side for a SOU. This is one of my shorter articles but don’t mistake the brevity of either for lack of substance!

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  1. Excellent speech, excellently delivered. It’s nice to have a president who can actually read and ad lib intelligently. And there was common sense of the type we haven’t seen in so long, most people don’t remember what it looks like. Good for you, Joe!

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