A Sad Day For American Labor

Donald Trump is President of the United States; a correctable error as we said in basketball. (I won’t take time to explain a rather complex rule which I used to know by heart.) Today is Labor Day which since 1884 America has reserved to honor labor and take pride in what the toil of its workers has accomplished for this country. That’s a juxtaposition best likened to oil and water. Let’s explore.

Organized labor has been on a downward slide since Ronald Reagan broke up PATCO. Republicans are strictly anti-labor. They pretend to be pro-small business but in reality only care about the super wealthy. Over that same time period the real earnings of the average American have declined. This is cause and effect; not coincidence. It continues to today. Joe Lunchbucket, how much have you benefitted from the Trump Tower Tax Cut? Mr. Mid-west farmer, how are those Trump tariffs working out for you? Are you winning too much yet?

Trump, who is motivated by greed and ego, found it comfortable to take up the anti-labor stance of the Republican Party because he, as a member of the Lucky Sperm Cell Club, has never really worked in his life and has no respect for the labor of others. His personal business history of cheating sub-contractors out of what they earned by their labor is legendary. He was the big guy with attorneys on retainer and they were the little guy who mortgaged their house to earn a living and make payroll.

On the campaign trail Trump promised to hire nothing but the best people. Well it hasn’t worked out that way! I wasn’t around when Ulysses S. Grant was president but Trump’s Cabinet appears to be the most scandal plagued since at least Grant’s.

His personal staff from his real estate days doesn’t appear to have been much more talented. Listening to tape recording of Trump talking with his former personal attorney Michael Cohen reminds me much more of an episode of the Soprano’s than anything I learned in Management School.

Last Friday Bloomberg reporter Shannon Pettypiece happened to be on the phone with Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani when news of Sam Patten’s plea deal broke. Being a good reporter Pettypiece asked Giuliani to comment. His reply: “Who’s Patten?” Admittedly Patten wasn’t a household name last Friday morning, but I’m not one of Trump’s lead lawyers.

Sticking on the lawyer front for a moment; last week Trump announced, via Twitter, that Don McGahn was leaving as White House Council. McGahn’s reaction was: “I’m leaving?” This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Remember then FBI Director James Comey found out he was fired by catching the crawl on the bottom of a muted TV set. Then there was the case of former VA Secretary David Shulkin who was apparently fired by Trump except Trump says Shulkin resigned. Shulkin denies resigning. You can forget some things in life in short order; resigning a Cabinet post isn’t one of them. For a guy whose famous line on a reality TV show was “You’re fired” Trump seems to have a difficult time saying it to people’s faces in real life.

To make matters worse Trump’s nominee to replace Shulkin, Ronny Jackson, had to withdraw due to scandal and an obvious lack of qualifications. The Trump White House showed its “competence” when they spelled Admiral Jackson’s first name Ronnie in their press announcement. This was far from an isolated instance of misspelling. This is nothing but the best?

Spurred by a second university study that disproved the death toll from Hurricane Maria last week Puerto Rico changed the official number from 64 to 2,975 dead. Previously Trump had given the federal response to Maria an “A” and “10 out of 10”. When asked to comment about the new numbers he said “We did a fantastic job.” The George W. Bush administration was rightly raked over the coals for their response to Hurricane Katrina. 1,833 was the death toll in that disaster.

Last week Trump blasted Google claiming its search parameters discriminated against “Conservatives and Republicans.” Obviously parameters are both proprietary and secret but this much is well known; a major factor is popularity. Trump considers sites like those belonging to the New York Times and Washington Post to be “Fake news” and “Enemies of the people.” Here is the truth; they are among the most read in the world. I’m certain that this website is not one of the first sources any Google search will bring up. A few years back I did some research and found that telltheturthonthem.com was well inside the top 2% of global traffic. That’s the kind of stat that a malarkey artist like Trump would site and then go on. Now let’s put that fact in perspective; my total readership (which I very much appreciate) would hardly be a rounding error for the New York Times or Washington Post’s websites. The best get the most traffic and despite what Rudy says, the truth is the truth.

Remember Trump is a correctable error and the correction starts when you cast your ballot this fall. That’s not asking for a lot of labor to save America.

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