A Prudent Use Of Time And A Few Other Things

Take Trump And The Points

I watched close to none of Tuesday’s Senate impeachment trial. I had better things to do. I view the trial like betting on a football game with a huge point spread. Trump will “lose on the field” yet be a winner for the gamblers. It will take 67 votes to convict. I do not see that happening. Last week the Senate voted on whether the impeachment was constitutional – the result was 55-45 that it was. Tuesday they took the same vote after according to even the right wing reports Trump’s lawyers basically vomited on their shoes. The result was almost the same at 56-44. When all is said and done the majority of Senators will vote guilty but that number will not reach the required two-thirds for conviction.

The Cost Of The Big Lie

When a president tells over 30,000 documented falsehoods during a single term I guess one has to be termed the big one. In Trump’s case it is the lie that he won the 2020 election and to hear him tell it, “In a landslide”. As of the latest report that lie has cost the American taxpayers over a half billion dollars in recounts, audits and court costs, etc.

It will only get more expensive. Georgia appears to be the latest state to launch a criminal investigation into Trump’s post-election interference efforts. I predict they will neither be alone nor the last.

More Trouble For AstraZeneca

The Astra Zeneca vaccine seems to be running into one roadblock after another. The latest was in South Africa where the government stopped its rollout. It appears the main issue is that the vaccine has proven less effective than satisfactory against the strain originating there.

I want to see vaccines prove successful but this one seems snake bitten to date.

We Need To Have Patience With The Biden Administration

Each day more reports emerge of the incompetence and in many cases actions not in the interest of America of the previous administration. In fact they placed many people in positions of influence in our federal government. It will take time to remove them. That says nothing of the policies that need to be undone, some of which will require legislation.

I like to use the analogy of a house. It takes months to build one but a hurricane or fire can destroy it in a matter of seconds or minutes. Trump certainly wasn’t a carpenter.

Why Is There Even A Discussion?

There seems to be some debate as to whether Trump should receive classified briefings. I can’t understand why. He didn’t appear to pay attention to or trust them while in office. He proved to be far from an international policy genius (I’m being kind). Can you see Biden asking him for advice? Incomplete as it is; Case closed!


Am I the only one who sees through the Republican bipartisanship smokescreen? Note it didn’t really appear until after they lost the Senate (in addition to their prior and still largely unacknowledged loss of the White House). Being a disciple of Sun Tzu I guess I’d like to make nice after I lost on all fronts.

One of the big mistakes of the Obama administration was trying to play nice with the Republicans on Obamacare. In the end they weakened the bill and did not receive a single Republican vote in exchange. To date the Biden administration appears to have learned from history.

Reaching out and listening is great. Incorporating a better idea is what diplomacy and compromise are all about. Delaying and diluting for nothing is plain foolish. Fool me once…except for George W, Bush you know the rest.

Is There A Stupid Gene And Is It Hereditary?

Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley is many things; a genius is not one of them (it’s a kind choice of words day for me). His grandson, Pat, is the Speaker of the Iowa House of Representatives. The younger Grassley ruled that he cannot enforce the wearing of masks on the Iowa House floor. Minutes later he prevented a Democratic Representative from speaking because she was wearing jeans, a violation of the dress code.

A Bigger Dome In Florida

My regular readers know my favorite baseball team is the Tampa Bay Rays. When I lived in the region the time I most enjoyed was spent at the Trop watching the Rays play. Today I have an idea for a much larger dome in Florida under the Canadian flag.

I’ve spent very little of my life outside America. However, far and away I have spent more time in Canada than all other foreign countries combined; albeit all in the province of Ontario. I like Canada and Canadian people. The biggest knock I have on Canada is the weather. Simultaneously with denizens like Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Matt Gaetz, Ted Yoho, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott Florida keeps getting less American.

Here is my wild solution. Let’s sell Florida, complete with the undesirables, to Canada. Canada seems to know how to handle right wing terrorists and extremists; they just put the Proud Boys on their list of terrorist organizations, right with Al-Qaeda and al-Shabab. Aside from hurricanes (and all Canadian political parties believe in climate change) the biggest weather problem in Florida is the frequent afternoon rains. The Canadians will certainly either remove or incarcerate the extremists and they have proven their technological ability to build large retractable domes.

OK, that is never going to happen but you have to admit living in a modified Florida under Canadian law doesn’t sound all that bad.

If you are a gambler my advice is to quit. If you can’t do that take “Trump and the points”.

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