A Prolonged Agony

Much of this week’s political news coverage has been about the Ruth Bader Ginsberg – Donald Trump “feud”. A few days ago (I lost exact track – which is the entire point of this article) Justice Ginsberg made some disparaging (albeit incredibly accurate) remarks about Trump. It would have been a one day news cycle story, soon to be forgotten, had Trump not made a major deal of it.  

Trump – who appears to want to be the President from Twitter – almost immediately issued a tweet that ending with “Her mind is shot – resign”. While Trump’s alleged brilliance is legitimately in question; Ginsberg’s mental capabilities are not! Trump and his right wing supporters hammered away for several days keeping the story alive.

There is a much subscribed to theory that Trump is still running a GOP primary campaign, not a general election campaign. This feud plays well with Bubba. What Trump apparently fails to realize is that to win in November he needs to expand his support well beyond the Bubbas.

Yesterday, in what appeared to be Ginsberg wanting to put this to rest, she said “I regret making them.” [the remarks]. I’m certain Trump and his minions will take that as a victory and an apology. That was a non-apology. Justice Ginsberg simply stated that she is sorry she said what she did, when she did. In no way did she refute her statements. There is a huge difference between the two!

This is the second time in a week I’ve called out the Trump campaign for poorly managing the news cycle. I’m assuming ignorance and an overbearing candidate overruling what little talent he has on his meager staff. There is another possibility to consider. What if Trump realizes that he has no policy platform beyond building a wall that will never be built along with an unconstitutional and unenforceable Muslim ban? In that case he is effectively trying to run a delay game for the entire general election campaign that features distractions and avoids discussing substance. Remember he is possibly the least qualified presidential candidate in American history. Despite being a baby boomer that lived through the cold war it became abundantly obvious in a GOP debate that he had no idea what the nuclear triad is.

You can be of questionable intelligence, ignorant of most subjects and still be elected President. (Do you remember George W. Bush.) However, in that case you have to rely on a campaign staff that knows what they are doing.

There is another possibility that could account for Trump’s actions – his ego. Trump has spent his entire adult life in a bubble where all he heard was, “Yes, Mr. Trump”, “You’re correct Mr. Trump” and “You are so brilliant Mr. Trump”. After a while he began to believe that. He is even more thin-skinned than Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren accuses him of being. He simply cannot handle criticism or disagreement.

Team Trump played this one incorrectly and only prolonged the agony with all but their base.

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  1. The irony of the Joseph Goebbels school of propaganda is that Trump subscribes to it so thoroughly that he believes his own lies.

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