A Plethora Of Material

I readily admit that I can’t keep up with the volume of political news. Unfortunately the vast majority of it is negative. At the beginning of 2017 I reduced the number of my weekly op-eds on this site from seven to five but that doesn’t change the fact that seven also would have been insufficient. Today I’ll do a little “mop up” operation and briefly touch on a few occurrences otherwise left neglected. Let’s explore.

Late last week Congress passed and the President signed into law an omnibus spending bill that keeps the federal government’s lights on through the end of the fiscal year (September 30th). As of noon on Wednesday there was no bill. It was filed about 8pm that night. The House passed it on Thursday and the Senate followed suit late that evening. Now considering that the legislation was over 2,200 pages long, just how many members of Congress do you think read it before they voted on it? My guess is zero and I’m willing to bet if incorrect (which is very doubtful) I’m not very far off.

Friday morning – in apparent reaction to something he heard on Fox News – Trump tweeted that he was considering vetoing the bill. By that afternoon he signed it while telling the nation how bad it was. Mr. Trump if you want a better bill I suggest you start by displaying some leadership and clarity. Even your enablers don’t know what you want. By the way, does anyone actually believe Trump read the bill? He appears to be incapable of reading 2,200 pages in a year let alone a matter of hours.

From a progressive standpoint and considering the Democrats are in the minority the bill actually wasn’t all that bad. Remember the self-proclaimed very stable genius and the Party of fiscal conservatism spent $1.3 trillion on their way scrambling out of town for a two week Easter vacation. How long will your Easter vacation be and how long would you think about spending even a few thousand dollars that you have to borrow?

People often ask me why I don’t write fiction. Actually one thing on my bucket list is to write a novel. One of my concerns is where I would get material as colorful as what American politics provides me in the Trump era. As the bimbo-hush money scandal unfolds do you realize one of the significant characters is actually going to be a Mr. Pecker? It also involves a porn star and a Playboy centerfold. My British readers would call me too cheeky if I used names and occupations like that in fiction. In a cleaned up paraphrasing of an American expression: You can’t make this stuff up.

One of the intriguing sub-plots in Washington is why Senators and 2016 GOP Presidential nomination rivals Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida have remained Trump enablers. I ask you to consider the following. Mercer family money that was initially backing Cruz was the original financing of Cambridge Analytica. The Republicans are still running around proclaiming that The Dossier was the catalyst of Russiagate despite being repeatedly proved to be incorrect. The original financing of that document was by Marco Rubio’s financial angel, Paul Singer.

Sunday we learned that attorneys and conspiracy theorists Joe DiGenova and his wife Victoria Toensing were not joining Trump’s Russiagate defense team after all. The reason given was an unspecified conflict that prohibited them from doing so. I have a theory that they enjoyed a better and more certain payday by being Fox News contributors.

Don’t be surprised if few notes or other documentation of White House meetings are ever turned over to Robert Mueller. I certainly think this White House is capable of destroying evidence but in many cases I don’t think they will have to. Have you ever heard of anyone taking the minutes of a meeting of an organized criminal enterprise?

I’ll leave you today with a date to keep an eye peeled for: May 12th. That is the day Trump has to reaffirm America’s involvement in the Iran Nuclear Deal. With John Bolton firmly entrenched in the West Wing, Rex Tillerson gone at State and Mike Pompeo either replacing him or in the process of such what do you think the chances are that Trump will stay in the agreement. My guess is close to zero. That pronouncement will make the decision to invade Iraq look like a stroke of genius. By the way, Bolton was one of the biggest backers of that move.

How could I get money, power, sex, war and scandal into every single chapter of a novel?

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