A Plea To Trump

It is early Wednesday morning as I commence writing this article intended for Thursday morning’s publishing. Early Tuesday evening my wife and I walked into a restaurant for dinner and the first thing I spotted was one of their televisions on CNN who was running a red banner with white writing that announced Trump’s firing of James Comey. Hours later I discovered I became aware of the firing the basically the same way Comey did. My dilemma was: How the hell am I supposed to cover this one? Let’s explore my attempt together.

After dinner and a brief errand I settled in to watch television coverage of what I anticipated to be a circus. I gave the situation thought almost every time I woke up during the night and have spent a good part of my Wednesday morning reading online newspaper coverage.

Former FBI Director Comey appeared to be ultimately heading up an investigation into Trump and associates’ ties with Russia, a/k/a Russiagate. Everyone who has chosen not to willingly dispense with belief in reality feels that was the real reason for Comey’s dismissal. I am not a Comey fan. Not many people are. However, the manner in which his firing – Fox News initially reported it as a resignation – was handled was reprehensible. Whether you liked him or not, he was the Director of the FBI. I would not have dismissed a low level employee in such a disrespectful manner.

Comey was speaking to a group on the West Coast in his capacity as FBI Director when a muted television playing in the background displayed the banner that he had been fired. At that point he had received no notification from the Justice Department or the White House and assumed it was a very clever prank. His people were able to verify its authenticity and pulled him aside into an adjoining room to inform him of their discovery. Is it possible that our federal government under the “leadership” of Donald Trump is so dysfunctional that neither Trump nor Attorney General Jeff Sessions has the FBI Director’s cell phone number?

A bit later Trump’s personal bodyguard, Keith Schiller, a well-known brawler, delivered Comey’s dismissal letter signed by Trump to Comey’s office in Washington. I wonder if the bully factor was at play here; Schiller is 6’4”, Comey is 6’8”.  Decorum would seem to dictate that Comey be summoned to the Oval Office and be given the courtesy of a personal audience with Trump. I don’t want to hear about logistics and urgency. President Obama fired a commanding General who flew to Washington from the Middle East. Purportedly Comey was fired for his actions in the 2016 campaign related to Hillary Clinton. The firing could have waited until Comey flew from across the county.

Allegedly Trump fired Comey on the recommendations of AG Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. This presents several problems. Sessions was very involved in the Trump campaign and has recused himself from any matter(s) dealing with the 2016 campaign. The stated reason for the dismissal and what most assume to be the real reason both relate to the campaign. What gives?

These actions have only added to the calls for a Special Prosecutor. With Session recused from the matter (theoretically anyway) that leaves the appointment of a Special Prosecutor in the hands of Rosenstein who is now a subject of any investigation that could include the circumstances surrounding Comey’s dismissal; not to mention the somewhat mysterious dismissals of Sally Yates, Preet Bharara and others.

The House investigation is a joke in which the American people no longer have any confidence. Many of us are less than totally confident in the Senate investigation (although that could possibly be salvaged – giving it some additional funding would be a good start). Trump’s action is seen by the majority as an attempt to squelch the FBI investigation. A Special Prosecutor is about all that is left. The existing recusals and conflicts seem to leave us at close to a constitutional crisis. That can be avoided if Trump will heed my next paragraph.

I am calling for President Trump to resign. You sir are a disgrace to the country I love and you profess to love. The only advantage you gain by hanging on to your office is that it affords you more of an opportunity to personally enrich yourself via the organized criminal enterprise you have constructed. While you overstate your wealth I have no doubt that you are already a very wealthy man. Is there no limit to your greed? Do you really need more? Save America the pain of your ultimate removal via the 25th Amendment (assuming your stooges have the patriotism to make it happen) or impeachment. Even Richard Nixon loved America that much.

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  1. The importance of taking back majorities in the House and Senate is further amplified by this latest outrage. Trump will hang on as long as there is no impeachment threat.

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