A Party Without A Face

Who is the current face of the Democratic Party? I can’t answer that question with a single name and neither can anyone else it appears. That may not be such a bad thing after all. Let’s explore.

A few weeks ago I met with a friend who I respect, is an extremely knowledgeable Democrat and like me, is not affair to get ahead of the pack in picking a favorite for the Party’s next standard-bearer. Again like me, she has a list of several people she really likes but is far from making a choice.

Recently I heard DNC Chair Tom Perez do an interview where he was asked who the leader of the Democratic Party is. He danced around the question and its follow-ups as artfully as possible but could never utter a single name that was the face of the Party.

I have tremendous respect for Nancy Pelosi’s leadership skills, but she is the House Minority Leader. I think Chuck Schumer borders on brilliant but he is the Senate Minority Leader. Note the word “Minority” in the title of both. I can’t recall any Pelosi or Schumer for President movements and I’m not about to start either; in fact neither is on my “list”.

The jury is out on Perez as DNC Chair but one thing is certain; he will not be the next face of the Democratic Party. The reality is that currently the Democratic Party does not have a single leader or face of the Party.

The face of the Republican Party is President Donald Trump. He is the President, an office he was elected to as the Republican candidate. I have to feel sorry for the Republicans! Whether they like it or not, they are stuck with Trump until at least 2020 unless they remove him from office. In my book question mark beats idiot!

Negative and scare politics work and the modern day version of the Republican Party are masters of both. They are currently in somewhat of a dilemma in choosing a target to attack. Most attacks are currently aimed at Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi (interestingly both women). I’ll make a not so bold prediction that neither will be a future Democratic Presidential Nominee. I’m not sure how much longer Nancy intends to stay in the House but I would be shocked if Hillary ever ran for public office again.

The Democrats have a “bench” from which to choose a nominee. The most legitimate criticism of it would be that many of its occupants are a bit long in the tooth. You have to weigh that against the reality that the face of the Republican Party is 71 years old and still a rookie at governing. While several of the twenty odd names that are often discussed as possible 2020 Democratic presidential nominees are older, they all have experience. In fact our “youth movement” has much more experience than Trump does even at this writing.

While the Democrats do not have a clear cut leader at this (politically premature) point they have a plethora of talent to choose from when compared to the likes of Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. Oh, I forgot the other 16 occupants of the 2016 Republican Clown Car; but then again Trump beat all of them. Come to think of it a Party with a faceless leader doesn’t look all that bad at this point.

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