A Much Better Place

After I post this article, I will be deleting data going back to November of 2020. (The 14 day rolling average of new COVID infections in America.) During its writing I will be admitting I was wrong in an earlier posting and will be noting the actions of several experts.

I am glad to admit I was incorrect when I doubted that the pandemic would be largely over by today. The reality is that it is. In both deeds and actions, the experts say so and I’m inclined to agree with them.
Last week Friday the World Health Organization declared that the global health emergency caused by COVID was over. I hope people will pay attention to the fact that it simultaneously declared that a global health treat remains. The fire is not completely out; simply well under control.

Later that day Dr. Rochelle Walensky announced that she was stepping down as Director of the CDC effective June 30th. The two events are more realization of the available data and much more codependent than coincidence.

I was skeptical that the pandemic would be “manageable” by this date but I now (and pleasantly!) stand corrected.

Last weekend I had a conversation with an elementary school principal who is both a friend of mine and whose opinion I respect. It was the first time we had talked in a few years. (The last time was at an outdoor soccer game where we both wore masks.) He said as far as his job goes the COVID situation was manageable, we learned a lot in the process (including some things that didn’t work – or at least didn’t work well). Most importantly he said he had not had to deal with a new infection (either students or staff) for some time now.

COVID still exists. I’m not sounding a complete all clear. Like many other things in life go ahead and live life but just take prudent action. I’m certainly not saying COVID is over and neither is anyone else worth listening to; I’m just saying the emergency is over and it looks like the situation is now manageable, at least for those willing to take prudent action and remain somewhat vigilant. We are in a different (and certainly better!) place.

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  1. So you know a school Principal who is a friend and whose opinion you also respect…as opposed to a Principal who is either, but not both… LOL
    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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