A Messy House And Some Other Issues

The House website is not nearly up to date as of this writing. It’s been that way, or worse, for a few days now. Therefore, instead of a detailed article on one vote I’m going to do a catchup style article.

Defending Themselves?

On Wednesday May 18th the House passed the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2022. It was aimed at investigating right wing domestic terrorists, especially those motivated by white supremacy myths. This was largely a reaction to the racially motivated mass shooting in Buffalo along with other somewhat similar recent events. It passed by a vote of 222-203. All the nay votes came from Republicans. The bill now goes to the Senate where it is sure to be greeted by a Josh Hawley-led Republican filibuster and die.

Especially in view of recent revelations, why would you expect Republicans to back a measure that expands federal authority to investigate the actions of right wing domestic terrorists?

Fearless Leader?

A bit ago it was revealed (by him in a sworn deposition) that Donald Trump was afraid of tomatoes. Now a Vanity Fair article reveals that his security team was under strict instruction to prevent anyone from hitting him with a pie.

Tomatoes, pies, bananas, women, educated people, the voters, the press and the truth; just who and what isn’t Trump terrified of?

An Answer To My Question

The other day I posed the question as to whether there was any real difference between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. There is: Putin has much, much more money.

Reagan’s 11th Commandment

Many are somewhat puzzled over why the Republicans ousted Madison Cawthorn. I’m not. It is simple. He violated the 11th Commandment for Republicans – Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican. All his shenanigans were forgiven until Cawthorn spoke of cocaine orgies involving some of his heroes. I don’t know if what he said was true or not; but it is certainly believable. Removing one weed from your overgrown garden is good but it is far from a resolution of the problem.

Opportunity Somewhat Squandered

Although some 1/6 participants are now running for office on the GOP ticket, I still think the Republicans missed a splendid opportunity to turn 1/6 into a recruiting event. How often can you get that many useful idiots in a single location?

The Sad Numbers Are Clear

When the Republicans most recently controlled the House, they engaged in a series of Benghazi hearings. Today, they oppose and do all they can to thwart the 1/6 Committee’s efforts. In fact, if they do take back the House next term the 1/6 Committee will meet a certain death.

There are a lot of factors at play here but one simple and indisputable one is that more Americans died as a result of 1/6 than Benghazi. Then again Republicans of the current vintage have never been especially skilled at the number line or simple arithmetic.

Hillary Was Correct

Many Years ago, Hillary Clinton spoke of a vast right wing conspiracy. In the specifics of her statement, she may or may not have been correct but in the larger sense she was spot on. From Clarence and his wife, to the wannabe famous regardless of the cost all are plotting against the best interests of America. Greed, be it monetary or for fame is often the prime motivation.


Book banning is back on the rise. It is just another strategy. The truth is the biggest enemy of the right. Remember the fascists burned books in the 1930s in Europe. If you can’t beat it; eliminate it. That is the ideology of the radical right today. Like most everything else they stole it from the past and suppression of the truth is necessary to maintain belief in right wing mythology. Truth is reality; not just what you believe it to be.

Priority Problem?

Oklahoma is about to enact its third transgender bill of the year into law. This one concerns the changing room and shower a transgender student must use. Considering that Oklahoma ranks 42nd in education I don’t think that transgender issues are the biggest challenge it faces. That’s what happens when Republicans control your state.


So much of what I see as ills in America is rooted in hate. Personally, I will not patronize many businesses because they have hateful policies and/or finance the campaigns of those who enable hate. Hate is learned; children are not born with it. Teach your children well. Yes, I stole that phrase and I mean it in a much larger sense that just biological children.

Hey, I’m going to end on a good and hopeful note today. It just feels good.

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