A Man

This will catch many of my foreign readers by surprise. Today is a national holiday in America: Martin Luther King Day. I don’t like writing fluff pieces and I hope today’s posting will be more than that. Dr. King was a teacher to all of us and as with most teachers not all the intended pupils learned their lessons.

During my recent hiatus I tackled two monstrous long books (one eBook, one audiobook). One of them was King: A Life by Jonathan Eig. It is basically a biography of the late–Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. I knew a considerable amount about (the imperfect) him and his (wonderful) work, but the book taught me even more. It was worth the time invested.

I lived through what we would commonly call the Civil Rights era in America. King was an advocate for non-violence and practiced what he preached (no pun intended). I’m not going to attempt to outline his works here today. I simply lack the space and would omit too much. Like Mahatma Gandi before him, from whom he learned a lot of lessons, King brought attention to and effectively fought injustice by non-violent means.

King met his end via an assassin’s bullet in Memphis where he was aiding a sanitation workers’ strike. My enduring memory of that time is the signs the striking workers were carrying. They simply read, “I Am A Man”. To me even more than a race leader King was someone who practiced the Christian principle of all God’s children recognizing the dignity of human life.

On purpose the Iowa Republican Party scheduled their 2024 caucus (which they have significantly modified in form to the point it is difficult to call a caucus) for today, in what is a very thinly veiled insult to the memory of Dr. King.

I’m short today on purpose; I want to leave you with ample time to do something good in the memory of a great American.

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