A Little About A Lot Of Things

I haven’t had the chance to write a catch up type article in some time now. I’ll try and cover a lot of things and I know I will still leave many uncovered.

Really Ronny?

Currently the pandemic is hitting some states harder than others and Florida is among the hardest hit. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appears poised to carry through on his threat to cut funding to school districts that issue mask mandates. Currently the Broward and Alachua County School Districts have mandatory mask requirements. DeSantis is threatening to reduce state aid to those districts in the amounts equal to the District Superintendent’s and School Board members’ salaries. Interesting coincidence?

DeSantis is only in his position thanks to Trump. He has sights on the Oval Office and is now trying to imitate Trump’s wannabe Don act. If he kills some people along the way he, like Trump, he really doesn’t care.

Booster Time Coming

Additional news is breaking as I pen this and it comes as no surprise to me. The details will emerge but a booster shot of the COVID-19 vaccine will be soon available and advised. Why would this vaccine be different than all the others? If you didn’t see this coming, you really haven’t been paying attention. SPECIAL BULLITEN (for the surprised): Christmas will be celebrated on December 25th this year.

Enabled By Trump

Abdul Ghani Baradar appears to be the de facto leader of the “new” Afghanistan. He was in prison until Trump intervened and had him released. Later his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, gave him further legitimacy by negotiating with him and doing a photo-op.
Another “great” Trump deal that led to deaths.

Birds Of A Feather

It was reported that Trump appointed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy bought over $300,000 worth of bonds from The USPS Board of Governors Board Chair Ron Bloom’s firm. Bloom is also a Trump appointee. The Board determines who the Postmaster General is. You connect those dots but with every passing day I am even more convinced that the Trump administration was little more than an organized criminal enterprise.

Backing The Blue?

Donald Trump is leading the call for the public release of the name of the law enforcement official who shot domestic terrorist Ashli Babbitt as she tried to crawl through the broken (by fellow domestic terrorists) window of a locked and barricaded door in the Capital Building on January 6th. Trump and his minions are calling it murder and painting Babbitt as a hero.

These are the same people who are in favor of shooting looters.

Good Stewards Of The Public Trust?

The Republican Party has long deceived the majority of the electorate into thinking they are the fiscal conservatives and are better for the economy. Both are myths!

By almost any measure historically the economy has fared better under Democratic than Republican presidents.

In their pursuit of gaining Trump’s blessing by amplifying the Big Lie Republicans are simply costing the taxpayers money by rendering the voting machines insecure. They will have to be replaced at great cost.

The most recent example is that of Republican Mesa County (Colorado) Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters giving the passwords to the county’s voting machines to a right wing organization. The result is that the machines are compromised and have to be replaced at the county taxpayers’ expense.

Climate Change Takes No Breaks For Political News

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration July was the hottest month in earth’s recorded history.

That’s OK, you can rest easy the Republicans say climate change is a hoax.

Let The Shenanigans Commence

The Census’ results necessary for redistricting were recently released. It will be interesting (and dangerous) to see how they are manipulated to achieve political ends.

The white supremacists are sure to be up in arms because the data (no surprise) has revealed that America is getting younger and less white. If all you have going for you is the paleness of your skin the scariest thing in the world is a younger, darker and more highly educated electorate.

This circus’ train hasn’t even pulled into town yet.

I’m Rand Paul And I Make My Own Rules

The latest poster boy for the Lucky Sperm Cell Club – talk about a group who feels entitled – is Kentucky’s Republican junior Senator Rand Paul.

Paul is an ophthalmologist. He is “Board Certified” by a Board he created and his wife runs. This happened in the wake of a dispute he had with the generally recognized certifying body.

On February 26, 2020, after a Senate briefing but before the threat of COVID-19 was generally know, Paul bought stock in a company involved in a cure. Under the Stock Act members of Congress are required to report stock transactions within 45 days of their occurrence. Paul reported the transaction some 16 months later. (I will save the argument about why members of Congress are allowed to own individual stocks for another day.)

The pattern is clear; If Senator Paul doesn’t like a rule he makes up his own rule and to date Kentucky voters are letting him get away with it.

Oh, And By The Way

There was an earthquake registering over 7 in Haiti that hardly made the news. The last death count I saw was in four figures.

Is it any wonder that every time I write one of these articles I leave a lot on the cutting room floor?

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  1. I think a case for prosecution should be made against DeSantis, Abbott, Ducey, et al for the deaths of unmasked students and adults in schools in their states.

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