A Little About A Lot Of Things

Current plans call for my next “live” blog to be on Sunday May 1st. I plan on taking the remainder of the month off for some travel and what should be an extremely minor operation. Before I “leave” I wanted to do another of my cleanup articles.

Incomplete But Already Interesting

According to information leaking presumably from the 1/6 Committee, the Oath Keepers took a special interest in protecting Representative Ronny Jackson of Texas as they assaulted the Capital. Jackson was elected in 2020 so he was a brand-new member of the House. He is best known for his time as then-President Donald Trump’s White House physician. Stay tuned for this one.

Strange Political Move

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis – who is no fool although he often plays one on TV – has picked a fight with Disney. I haven’t lived in Florida for a little over a decade now and am not truly an expert on its politics but Disney is one of the big boys if not the biggest. Orlando is home base for Disney in Florida. Unless I’m reading things completely incorrectly Orlando would be little more than a rest stop on I-4 without what they somewhat affectionately call, “The Mouse”.

The I-4 corridor almost always decides statewide elections in Florida. A lot of people there (and beyond) make all or much of their living off of The Mouse. Think that might influence their votes? I do. I can’t understand why DeSantis, who is up for reelection in 2022, picked this fight. Even if he is looking ahead to a 2024 run for the presidency (which I assume he is) he is a stronger candidate as the sitting, not former, Governor of Florida.

Staying In The Sunshine State

As part of their war on public education Republicans are trying to ban textbooks. Florida recently challenged about 50 math books mostly over allegedly teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT). CRT and what the American right wing calls CRT are two different things but I do not desire a discussion of that here nor do I want to distract from my larger point.

Math books? Their fear has truly crossed over into the irrational!

Going Back To 1/6 For A Moment

Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee appears to have been way more involved in the plot that preceded 1/6 than he has led us to believe. The publically available evidence at this point is incomplete but Lee was not always the constitutional conservative he portrays himself as. It’s too early to pass judgment but he may well have avoided criminal activity, purity is another matter completely.

Lee is up for reelection in November. I can’t see Utah electing a Democrat but a former Republican and legitimate conservative, Evan McMullin is running as an independent. Keep in mind that despite very much being a red state, Utah is not very pro-Trump.

It Ain’t Over And It Won’t Be The Last

Too many Americans are acting like the pandemic is over. It most certainly is not! In fact, cases are again rising and what I expect to be the post-Easter surge hasn’t hit yet. Furthermore, I don’t expect 100 years to elapse before the next pandemic and there will be another! This is part of what makes Federal Judge Mizelle’s ruling so scary. On the plus side it did make me more comfortable with the American Bar Association; after all they rated her as unqualified for her current job and it certainly appears they were on to something.

Property Of The State?

Several red states have or are enacting laws that would make it a criminal offense for a pregnant resident of theirs to obtain an abortion in another state. Does that make a pregnant women property of their home state? Is that a 21st century form of slavery exclusively for women capable of reproduction?

Is It Just Me?

In another legal case where all the evidence is not yet in and it is unfair to draw a final conclusion, I’d like to discuss the fatal police shooting of Patrick Lyona in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This much we know; Lyona, who was Black, was fatally shot in the back of the head by a white police officer who was atop him at the time. The officer’s body camera reportedly wasn’t working during the complete incident. Am I the only one who finds that both interesting and suspicious?

That’s enough to give you fodder for pondering until next week’s “previously recorded” articles. “See” you in May.

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