A Lesson From 9/11

The events of September 11, 2001 shook America to its core. There were several lessons learned from those tragic events and one was the expression security people came up with to involve the public: If you see something; say something. That has proven to be sage advice and I am invoking it as a way for America to survive the forthcoming next four year commencing at 12:01pm this Friday.

The incoming administration looks more like an organized criminal conspiracy than a governing body. The far right fringe of the Republican Party is enabled as never before. Just looking at the run-up to the transfer of power it is obvious that all the “old rules” of integrity and dignity are out the window. The money people who funded the astroturf organizations that masqueraded as a grassroots movement and formed the base of the enabling portion of the electorate are fascists at heart and now no longer see much of a need to mask their true identity and objectives. Why would they? They still have Bubba buffaloed and are about to install a bribable enabler behind the big desk in the Oval Office. To the financiers of this movement it is time to reap a huge return on their investment. This wasn’t the way they planned it, but they got what they needed.

There is much harm that will be done. Electorally there is nothing that can be done about it until the 2018 mid-term elections. The specific seats that are up in the Senate heavily favor the Republicans to maintain control of that body. However, as is the case every even numbered November, the entire House of Representatives is on the ballot. Unfortunately, history tells us that Democrats do a poor job of turning out to vote in mid-terms. Couple that with gerrymandering and the task of taking back the House is a heavy lift. However you can help alter history.

There will be transgressions aplenty! Actually I expect too many for anyone to call them all out. The job of every patriotic American is to do what they can. If you see something wrong; say something about it to every other voter you can. It may be a personal conversation. Perhaps it is a social media posting. Maybe you are a joiner and you can get active in your local Party or other group. Volunteer for a 2018 candidate you believe in. If you are able and inclined donate to a 2018 candidate(s) that will support causes dear to you. You don’t have to live in the state or district they are running in to help their campaign. In fact many of us live in states or districts that are simply not winnable in 2018, but our efforts can help someone win miles away that will represent our views in Washington if we can only get them there.

While many congressional districts have been gerrymandered to the point that they are effectively a one Party district, there are still many competitive districts around the country where the impact of publicity, volunteers and money can make a difference.

I like to think of myself as a practical progressive political operative. A lot of cheerleading coupled with a few extra dollars and volunteers are not going to turn everything around. The vast majority of Americans (progressive or not) simply lack the economic wealth to make such huge donations as to sway a race. Furthermore many Americans are never going to volunteer. But everyone can speak and/or write.

If you see something; say something. It applies to those who would harm this country from within as well as from afar.

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