A Few Things To Ponder

If you read this on publishing day the big event of the day promises to be the 1/6 hearings tonight – don’t be surprised if the Trump camp throws out a shiny object – so I thought I’d give you some things to ponder until the clock strikes the appointed hour.

A Primary Message

Much has been written about Tuesday’s primaries. I don’t like to read too much into a single or even handful of primaries. There are too many unique factors attached to each. However, I think a yellow caution light was lit for the Democrats with the recall of Chesa Boudin as DA in San Francisco. The perception was that he wasn’t tough enough on crime even for liberal San Francisco. Perhaps the most misunderstood elected office in America is that of District Attorney. That said even liberals have a NIMBY factor and Democrats have to be concerned with being painted with a soft on crime brush.

A Lunatic Speaks The Truth

In my mind and notes I generally refer to Texas Republican Representative Louie Gohmert as Loony Louie. Last Friday he made the following statement in a NewsMax interview, “If you’re a Republican, you can’t even lie to Congress or lie to an FBI agent or they’re coming after you.” Yes, Louie, that is correct; in fact, it’s most often illegal regardless of political affiliation. Only a lunatic would try to assert a right to lie with immunity from the law.

I Don’t Like His Future

On Monday UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson survived a confidence vote. The margin was less than inspiring. (For good analysis I’ll refer you to the BBC.) Based on recent history I’d say he has a life expectancy in the job of less than a year. His future isn’t so bright but the world’s improved.

A Somewhat Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Monday Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio and four of his top lieutenants were indicted on seditious conspiracy charges. By my count that brings the number to 16 right wing terrorists charged by the Justice Department with America’s peace time equivalent of treason. Three Oath Keepers have already pled guilty (and I’m assuming are at least to some degree cooperating) along with a member of the Proud Boys.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Justice Department is currently led by the rather conservative (read: cautious and slow moving) Merrick Garland.

One thing to remember is Donald Trump’s message to the Proud Boys in a presidential debate, “Stand back and stand by.” It appears they followed orders.

Right Wing Theory Of Relativity

I don’t think the people at Fox News are Einstein’s but it appears they have there own theory of relativity when it comes to the importance of the news. Unlike all legitimate news broadcasters, they are not covering tonight’s 1/6 Committee Hearings live. Remember they did cover the Benghazi Hearings live. I’ll let you connect those dots.

Secret Construction

It was reported that China is secretly constructing a naval base in Cambodia. We ignore Southeast Asia at our peril and North Korea isn’t its only hot spot. I’m glad I’m not the president. How about you?

Now My Rays!

My regular readers know my favorite sport by far is baseball and I’m a Tampa Bay Rays fan. The Rays are also Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’ latest target (as of this writing anyway, who know with this loose cannon?).

In the wake of Uvalde, they, along with the New York Yankees, turned their game time Twitter pages over to gun safety messaging as opposed to the normal in game updates. DeSantis responded by vetoing a line in the Florida budget that provided $35 million in funding for a youth sports complex in Pasco County that was hoped to eventually lure the Rays to the northern Tampa Bay county for spring training.

I’m not going to pass judgment on the wisdom of the funding per say but this was a clear act of retaliation – you might even call it an act of cancel culture. Politically I think it may have been unwise. Pasco is far from a wealth county but it is pretty reliably Republican. It’s the kind of place depicted in Thomas Frank’s 2004 classic book, What’s the Matter with Kansas?. Will this be a wakeup call to the voters of Pasco County that people like DeSantis just consider them to be useful idiots?

I gotta go now. Don’t mess with my Rays!

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  1. My friends and I call him Louie Goober. The more loonie he gets, the more dangerous he becomes.

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