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So many things get left on the “cutting room floor” in Trump’s America I’m convinced it is by design. Like the Broad Street Bullies of NHL lore they commit so many indiscretions in such rapid succession that it is impossible to cover them all. Add to this the usual complicating factors in American politics. Today will be another of my destined to be incomplete efforts to catch up on some recent sins. Let’s explore.

Right Wing Misogyny On Display

I could make a very long article out of this single topic but I’ll rest my case after a few examples. Kamala Harris was named to the number two slot on the Democratic ticket last week and the right wing again revealed who they are.

During the past several years when questioned about his alleged illegal activities involving women Trump uses the line, “Nobody has more respect for women than I do.” If you believe that please stop reading and feed the unicorns on your front lawn.

Right wing extremist “thought” leader and Fox News host Sean Hannity is having a problem pronouncing Senator Harris’ first name correctly. When a guest corrected him he went ballistic. I grew up in Western New York and still have the accent which includes a hard or guttural “a”. It took a while and I still make an occasional slip but I learned to pronounce Kamala with a soft “a”.  Sean, if you can’t learn to correctly pronounce her first name you can always refer to her as Senator Harris; for the remainder of the campaign anyway.

The Trump camp attacked Harris as being scary to suburban women. Maybe they need to get out of the White House a bit and not just to their clubs and racist pep rallies. These days suburban women are not all white. Furthermore, she could be the poster woman for that nice Black suburban neighbor mom down the cul-de-sac.

The most offensive one was Eric Trump’s retweet: “Raise your hands if you think Harris was a whorendous pick. May have misspelled.” That was not a spelling error; it was intentional.


If Trump wants to see what leadership looks like he need to look no further than the House of Representatives. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called the House back into session to address the attacks on the Postal Service by the Trump administration.

Some Very Fine People

In a scene that reminded me of his reaction to Charlottesville, Trump refused to disavow the right wing mythology and conspiracy group Qanon during one of his recent press events. I’m not going to waste my resources on getting into a lot of specifics about Qanon. Among their various beliefs is that prominent Democrats are eating babies. I’m sure that in Trump’s mind there are some very fine people among this group. Where is the presidential leadership?

Racism Motivates Trump’s Base

Trump was the poster boy for the birther movement and it helped him get the 2016 GOP nomination. He tried it again last week challenging Kamala Harris’ eligibility for the office she is seeking. Harris got her citizenship the same way I did; by being born in America. In my case Buffalo, New York; in her case Oakland, California. Trump went so far as to question whether Oakland was a country. If he is really that ignorant of America that is terrifying!

I know Trump and the GOP don’t like the Fourteenth Amendment but it has been part of the Constitution for well over 100 years now.

Some Numbers

First time jobless claims dipped slightly below one million (963,000) after 20 straight weeks over the seven figure mark. I sound like a broken record but a normal week is about 250,000. The last few weeks are not a downward trend (even if it were the numbers are terrible) I contend they are the bottom of what will be a V or U shaped curve.

The late July – early August numbers are in and America is reporting at least 1,000 new coronavirus cases per day over that time period. This is winning?


The so-called Squad all won their primaries along with two upsets of long serving Democrats by much more progressive and younger candidates. In Georgia a Qanon candidate, (the Tea Party didn’t do enough harm to America?), won her primary. All are heavily favored to win in November in large part due to the fact they are running in heavily gerrymandered districts. There are 435 seats in the House of Representatives and I realize I’m only talking about a bit over 1% of them, but how do we expect to get things done with people with such diametrically opposed viewpoints?

An Omen From The Island?

This one flew almost completely under the radar but in Puerto Rico’s recent primary election ballots somehow failed to make it to some precincts on Primary Day. What a great way to suppress the vote. Simply have the ballots show up a few hours late in non- White, working class precincts where people have to go to work and the polls close early. Don’t say it couldn’t happen in say, South Carolina (7pm closing).

Open The Schools For In-Person Classes

Just two examples today – there are many, many more. I assume you remember the photo of the hallway crowded with students sans masks. As of Tuesday of last week nine tested positive for the coronavirus.

This afternoon I received word that The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill suspended in-person classes.

As I assumed I’m up past my ankles in stories on the cutting room floor but you have other things to do today – like make a plan for how you are going to vote.

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  1. Mis-pronouncing Kamala’s name is as deliberate an insult as calling it the Democrat Party. But don’t bother me about that now. I’m on vacation to Yo-semight.

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