A Few For The Road

I plan on taking a few days off from my version of live blogging so this is a perfect opportunity to get some last points in.

No Problem?

It appears America will have a vaccine for 5–11-year-olds in the next few days. Almost one-quarter of their parents say they will definitely not get their child vaccinated. The main “reason” is that kids that young simply don’t catch COVID. The reality is that a little over 2 million American children in that age range have contracted the disease. That is roughly the equivalent of the combined populations of Alaska, North Dakota and Vermont. Still think COVID is not a threat to your youngster Mom and Dad?

Hot Spots

As of October 26th, the five states with the highest per capita new COVID cases in the prior 14 days were (in order): Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and North Dakota. One thing they all have in common is a Republican governor. You draw your own conclusions.

Fraudulent Votes

The key component of the Big Lie is that so many fraudulent votes were cast in the 2020 election that it cost Donald Trump a second term. One more time: there were fraudulent votes, there always have been and there always will be. However, there were nowhere near enough fraudulent votes cast to change the outcome. In fact, we have discovered another case where a claim of a fraudulent vote for Biden actually was a vote cast for Trump by a widower in the name of his late wife. However, he and the Trump toadies used it to claim the entire Nevada vote was so corrupt that it had to be thrown out and the state’s electors awarded to Trump. It’s called the Big Lie for a reason boys and girls.

No Coordination?

The press may well have some responsibility for the 2016 election of Donald Trump – outrage and comedy are proven ratings getters. In recent years it has done a good job of atonement. Not only have recent press reports firmly established a coordination effort of the events of 1/6 but where the headquarters was located. Trump’s crew set up a War Room in the Willard Hotel in DC. The pattern continues? I’d say so. The only question is if this is the time the music stops and there is no chair available.


The word on K Street is that if you want Liz Cheney as a client, you can forget the Trump aligned Republicans. This is mob style intimidation; a long-time Trump specialty. When are people going to call his bluff in the realization that Cadet Bone Spurs is simply a member of the Lucky Sperm Cell Club and a coward?

The other factor is that the Republicans are running around basing everything on the assumption that they will control the House in the next Congress. Especially with their gerrymandering, voter suppression and voter nullification efforts that is a possibility but it is far from a foregone conclusion.

Practice What You Preach

A subway patron was physically ejected from a subway station in New York City when he questioned why two law enforcement officers where not wearing masks in violation of New York City subway rules. Fortunately, the incident was caught on video and the two officers may well face disciplinary action. Have I become a crotchety old man or is it reasonable to expect that the enforcers should set an example by obeying the laws/rules?

No Dirty Money?

The Trump campaign vigorously denied taking any help from Russia in the 2016 campaign. “No collusion, no obstruction” was Trump’s mantra for months. On October 22nd second tier of Trump’s inner circle guy, Lev Parnas, was convicted of campaign finance violations specifically laundering foreign money into the 2016 Trump campaign. You connect those dots.

It’s Real, And It’s Serious

Earlier this month the White House, several intelligence agencies and the Pentagon issued a joint report warning that climate change threatens global security. I hope somebody read a copy to Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK). Discovering a snowball in Washington, D.C. doesn’t disprove climate change Jimmy.

OK, that’s where I’m going to leave it for today. The postings will continue during my hiatus, they just won’t be “live”. Unlike most congressional Republicans I both understand and honor my commitments.

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