A Dozen Reasons To Vote For Trump And Republicans This Year

Notice: In order to quote the President accurately I had to include a word that is a derivative of one of the late George Carlin’s seven dirty words.

I spend so much time telling people reasons not to vote for Donald Trump and his Republican sycophants that I thought I’d devote an article to reasons to vote for them. I believe Shakespeare called it comic relief. We could all use some so let’s explore.

  1. You are a racist. You don’t have to be a racist to vote for Trump and his minions but if you are you will have lots of company and feel right at home.
  2. You are a xenophobe. Trump, his boys (and they are mostly boys – the true sexuality of the supposed females are in many cases questionable if you look at their actions) and his policies are clearly xenophobic. They like white people and that is it. They don’t like people from “Shithole countries”, anyone who has black, brown or yellow skin. They are basically a bunch of cowards living in fear of anything that is different than them. Other than revulsion the feeling I have for them is pity. It must be terrible to live in constant fear for no good reason.
  3. You hate people who have actually been born. I have always found the “pro-life” moniker the right appropriated humorous. Inherently the opposite would be pro-death. Have you ever met anyone who is pro-death? In this case I’m referring to the right’s vigorous defense of the unborn but simultaneously they want to deny health care to millions of the living. How is that pro-life?
  4. You want lower taxes despite the social and long term costs. I think in simple terms it is called greed. The loudest proponents are almost without exception those in the lower income brackets. Their efforts are funded by the top of the 1% who are the biggest beneficiaries of the lower taxes. As Thomas Frank outlined in his 2004 book, What’s the Matter With Kansas?, the majority of the vocals are actually lobbying against their self-interest.
  5. You hate people who work for a living. The Republicans are the biggest proponents of taxing investment and inherited income at a much lower rate than wages. In fact they see no reason for taxing inherited income at all. Extremely few American families have wealth that hits the threshold for estate taxes but the masses protest it nonetheless. (See comments in number 4.)
  6. You are a misogynist. This applies to both male and female Republicans (see number 2). Again you don’t have to be a misogynist to vote Republican but you will feel at home if you are one.
  7. Hating the educated is a dominant trait among Republicans. For amusement I like to read the comments in a local paper where the right wingers are constantly mocking the educated especially from Ivy League schools. If you followed their examples of Ivy League schools that league would number in at least the thirties. (In case any right wingers are monitoring me there are only eight and that’s all there have been for at least my lifetime. Cal-Berkley and Stanford are not among them.) Trump hates public education (perhaps because his daddy would have had a more difficult time buying his son’s way into public institutions) and the living proof of that is Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.
  8. I don’t think my language is to strong when I describe Trump and his crew as a bunch of thieves. I have long considered this administration to be an organized criminal enterprise. So if you like people who steal other people’s money for their benefit you should vote for Trump and those who are turning a blind eye to his activities. You have to ask why they are turning that blind eye. I’ll let each reader complete that thought.
  9. Some people actually think cheaters are geniuses. If you are among them you should vote for Trump. He is such a blatant cheater that he does it in the open and brags about it. This is a man who not only had an open affair with what became his second wife while still married to his first wife but he badgered newspaper gossip reporters to run stories about it. Now what he does with wife number 1, 2, or 3 is nothing I care about. Neither do I care if he pays off his mistresses to keep quiet. I do care about his cheating in government and business.
  10. If you love incompetence then Trump has proven to be your man. He has set the battle against climate change back years we may not have to waste. His inaction exacerbated the pandemic. He killed the (albeit too slow) economic recovery the Obama administration started after inheriting the Great Recession from George W. Bush while simultaneously exploding the deficit. To top it all off our former allies no longer trust us.
  11. If you value profits over lives Trump is your guy. Aside from the pandemic Trump has killed countless Americans by rolling back consumer protections and anti-pollution regulations. Where he couldn’t roll them back he simply isn’t enforcing them or at least enforcing them vigorously. The meatpacking industry is a prime example. It was recently fined $29,000 for coronavirus related violations that resulted in a bit over 200 deaths. That comes out to less than $145 a life. (Is that pro-life?)
  12. If you are gullible Trump is the man for you. I know you won’t mind that he thinks you are a loser and/or a sucker; you are not even aware of that.

Shakespeare was a better writer than me but I hope you got a chuckle or two. Now back to reality; this is a serious matter! VOTE!!!!!!

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