A Deathbed Regret I Won’t Have

I’m getting to the point in this voyage called life where it is natural to think in terms of bucket lists and deathbed regrets to be avoided. A deathbed regret I won’t have is not having listened to President Trump’s address to CPAC last Saturday. Let’s explore.

Trump addressed the annual gathering of the right wing radicals who have coopted the term “conservative” and taken over the Republican Party for nearly two and one-half hours. According to the Washington Post’s fact checkers in that time he told an amazing 104 lies. Several of them are zombie lies that he has already told over 100 times in public despite being repeatedly debunked. It takes a certain talent to tell that many lies in that relatively short period of time and still wow the crowd. To my knowledge, until recently we haven’t seen that kind of talent from a successful politician since the fascists of mid-20th century Europe. Interestingly, despite rhetoric to the contrary, Trump and the wannabe Trumps are all fascists who want to personally profit from their positions while only “taking care” of a select and small inner circle.

Trump began his performance Saturday by hugging the American flag and mugging for pictures while doing so. To say that was bizarre behavior for anyone, let alone a sitting President, is a huge understatement! It reminded me of Rick Perry’s reaction to being presented with a container of maple syrup at a November 1, 2011 campaign event. Perry’s people later attributed the then presidential candidate’s behavior to a reaction to his prescription drugs. Of course President Trump – who promised to hire only the best – named Perry as his Secretary of Energy, a post that Perry serves in to this day despite vowing to shutter that agency if he were elected president.

I’m not going to review and debunk Trump’s lies one-by-one. That is the job of others, it would largely be redundant and my readers have other things to do today. A while back the Washington Post came up with a new fact checking category called the Bottomless Pinocchio. It is reserved for long debunked lies that the teller (in reality almost if not exclusively Trump) continues to tell. Thanks to the Liar-in-Chief (a/k/a President Trump) the population of the new classification keeps increasing.

I’m not certain what regret(s) I will have on my deathbed, but missing Trump 2019 CPAC speech certainly won’t be one of them!

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