A Day Is Inadequate

Most often the Sunday article covers the biggest political story of the week just ended. Well, they are simply coming to fast and furiously to determine one as the biggest. Separating them is also another challenge. Also the volume is overwhelming to the point that too many stories get little or no coverage despite their impact. Today I will use a slightly different format of “quick hits” more like one of the many “catch up” articles. Upon commencement I already know one day will be woefully inadequate so this is effectively Part I and Monday’s article will be Part II.   Let’s explore.

Tax Dollars Spent; Not Well Spent

The Huffington Post reported that the American taxpayers spent over $77,000 on Secret Service protection for Donald Trump, Jr. to go on a hunting trip to Mongolia with a major GOP donor during which he bagged a rare sheep (which he obtained a license to hunt after he killed it) and secretively met with Mongolian President Khaltmaaglin Battulga. I don’t know who made out worse; the sheep or the American taxpayers; the fact is that neither had anything to say in the matter and both lost.

“I Alone”

The National Bureau of Economic Research announced that the 128 month expansion of the American economy ended in February and we officially entered the Trump Recession. (For those who haven’t been paying attention we are currently in the Trump Depression.) The expansion began in June of 2009 as Obama cleaned up W.’s Great Recession mess. The expansion was the longest on record but Trump managed to extinguish it.

“Drain The Swamp”

The Trump administration refuses to reveal the names of the firms that benefitted from the $511million CARES Act. The reason the administration gave was that doing so would breach confidentiality. So let me get this straight, Trump can give away our money to his financiers in the dark and that is OK; but if somebody knew they got a sweetheart loan that would interfere with capitalism. Sounds like someone stretching to find a justification for a cover-up to me.

This Is An Easy One; Let’s Put It to Rest

Among the many things America has put on the back burner for decades that has gotten attention in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd is the number of military bases named after Confederate officers. A lot of problems we face are complex; this one is simple. Change the names! I certainly don’t know the names of all the bases but I don’t remember a Fort Benedict Arnold or Alger Hiss. Need I go on? Name bases after heroes not traitors.

There are difficult problems to work on; this is not one of them.

Pick A Poll

CNN recently unveiled a poll that Trump did not like. He actually demanded that CNN pull it and issue an apology. CNN stood by the poll. It appears part of Trump’s motivation was that One America teased that they had a poll about to come out that put Trump in a favorable light. One America pulled their teaser and the poll never materialized. I am among those who are skeptical of any individual poll, realize that it is at best a snapshot in time and pays attention to the margin of error. Perhaps most importantly, like any news articles, consider the source.

Back To Buffalo

Again influenced by One America, Trump floated their theory that the 75 year-old man who was assaulted by the Buffalo Police was really an agent for Antifa and was attempting to jam the Buffalo Police force’s communications. Antifa isn’t an organization (like the Ku Klux Klan); if anything it is a political philosophy and the name stands for anti-fascism. I can see where Trump would view people who are against fascism are a threat to him.

The victim, Martin Gugino, is still in the hospital and Yahoo News reports that he has a brain injury and will require therapy. The evidence of him being an agent of what Trump’s Attorney General/Consigliere, Bill Barr, just declared a terrorist group is about as solid as the phantom poll.

The Split Is On

The Republican National Committee has officially announced that the 2020 Republican National Convention will split activities between Charlotte, North Carolina and Jacksonville, Florida. It appears the only reason some events will be held in Charlotte is to avoid being sued for breaching certain contractual obligations. Let’s give a shout out to North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper for staying strong and protecting his constituents. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis long ago hitched his wagon to Trump and I hope Floridians will remember that in 2022. It will be interesting to see how Trump’s team pulls this one off.

Well, it’s time for me to conclude today’s article. I’ll certainly need the second and my only question at this point is if that will be sufficient.

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