A Day Early

Tomorrow is the anniversary of Vladimir Putin’s (I refuse to blame all the Russian people) invasion of Ukraine. I don’t publish on Fridays so I’m early. I will make no apologies for that.

There is a movement among the lowest common denominator and some elected Republicans to pull our support for Ukraine. I vividly remember a scene in David McCullough’s book, Truman, where he depicts the interactions of several members of Congress on a train from Chicago to Washington in the wake of Pearl Harbor. The America First (and effectively pro-Hitler) members finally had come to the realization that the threat to democracy was more than just a local issue in Europe.

Small “d” democracy is at stake and Ukraine is only the current battleground. So is the concept of the sovereignty of nations. Want to talk about a new world order? What do you think the radical right is working toward? Remember that a substantial portion of today’s GOP is aligned with the global far right movement using Hungary and Russia as its models. They want an authoritarian form of fascism that favors them and their financiers at the expense of the masses whom they actually view as exploitable cheap labor and temporarily useful idiots.

The Joe Biden led coalition of democracies must not only sustain its support for Ukraine but increase it! The goal should be a threat free Ukraine that includes Crimea. Anything less will be appeasement at best.

Make no mistake that a stance against Ukraine is a stance against democracy, for fascism and authoritarianism along with being very, very pro-Putin.

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