A Couple Brief Comments

Today’s regular article is long by my standards but there are simply too many news items that I need to comment on. Therefore I have added this second article in which I will briefly address them. Thank you for bearing with me and continuing to read!

I failed to notice the obvious at first. In the photo tweeted out prior Sunday’s Colts – 49er’s game Vice President Pence is wearing Colts’ gear; during the national anthem he is wearing a dress shirt and suitcoat. I assumed he changed his clothes in the interim wanting to look more like a “regular guy” in the tweet photo. It was much more deceitful and lazy. The tweet photo was actually an old photo. The telltale sign (which I initially missed) is that the Second Lady is wearing a Colts’ jersey in both picture but it is not the same jersey – they have different numbers. Pence is a liar; a lazy not a talented liar.

For the record: I see little difference between Harvey Weinstein’s and Donald Trump’s behavior. (Remember the Access Hollywood tapes.) Weinstein justifiably was fired; Trump unbelievably was elected President of the United States; equally deplorable and very similar actions by grown men resulting in vastly different outcomes.

Trump supposedly shot a 73 when he played golf with Lindsey Graham last weekend. How many mulligans? How many improved lies? Was that with handicap? How many gimme putts? A clean and legitimate 73; not likely! Keep in mind that par is 72 on most courses.

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