A Busy News Day That Will Never Happen

This is the second in a series of articles that I am writing well ahead of posting in order to give myself some time off at the end of the year. Something material could change in the interim posing a risk. I feel confident that none of the events I will outline today will transpire before I get back to my version of “live blogging”. Feel the need to laugh? Then come along.  

Can you imagine a news day where these five stories break? President Trump releases his tax returns from the last twenty years. President Trump files suit against the women who have publically accused him of sexual misconduct. The First Lady releases the documentation of her work history in America prior to becoming a naturalized citizen. The GOP says it is an appropriate time to discuss gun regulation. President Trump resigns after President Obama reveals that he voted for him in 2016.

For fun let’s look at each of the five individually.

Trump will never release his taxes. There is simply too much to hide. If they were revealed there is a good chance a significant part of his base would finally realize that they were being deceived all this time.

Trump is never going to file suit against his accusers because he knows the truth and he is not the one telling it. I tend to give the benefit of the doubt to a man accused of sexual misconduct by a lone accuser. This is a case of too many totally unrelated women with similar stories. They are believable; Trump is not.

I like to leave the First Lady out of things as much as possible. Call me old fashioned but that is largely the way I feel it should be. Trump brought this one on himself with a flashy and unnecessary statement during the campaign where he bragged about what a meticulous record keeper his wife is and that she would be detailing all in two week. Time has expired on that one a long time ago. Trump pointed out the smoke and he expects none of us will see the fire.

Trump and the Republicans are lackeys for the NRA which has morphed into little more than the lobbying arm of the gun manufacturers. They just want to sell more guns regardless of anything else. Their answer to everything is to put more guns out there. It is amazing to me that they haven’t stated that guns can cure cancer. They will never want to have a fact based discussion of gun regulation!

Unlike its predecessors, this last one is fictional. I am willing to bet anything that President Obama voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Trump’s claim to fame thus far is that he has done everything possible to nullify everything President Obama did while in office. Therefore it is logical that if Obama had voted for him Trump would resign to nullify Obama’s action.

Hope you had a chuckle or two as you read this. All the non-fiction issues will still be with us in early January; sadly including Trump.

P.S. Our news media couldn’t handle a news day with this many big stories. Watching them try would produce more than one knee slapper!

It has become my practice to take the end of the year off from writing. Therefore today’s article was written well before publishing.

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  1. Yes Larry, I got a couple of chuckles out of this post. But, with respect to Trump and his taxes, while I agree he will never release them, I think Mueller may ultimately do so.

    I wanna see a perp walk!

    Enjoy your holiday season.

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