A Bipartisan Rebuke

Since both Democratic Representative Seth Moulton of Massachusetts and Republican Representative Peter Meijer of Michigan hold degrees from Ivy League schools I am reticent to call them stupid. Therefore, I will call the stunt they pulled selfish.

This duo decided to visit the airport in Kabul. I’m sure they calculated that as veterans and being in opposite parties they could color the trip as part of their Congressional oversight duties and get some great press. They certainly garnered some press; it just wasn’t very complimentary. Spoiler alert guys: It’s not going to be any better here!

Moulton is somewhat of a maverick Democrat who obviously is frustrated with his backbencher status and wants to move up without putting in the time. He toyed with a 2020 presidential run until it faded, (assuming it ever had any steam other than in Moulton’s mind), and he had to drop out. In 2018 he was instrumental in trying to prevent Nancy Pelosi from regaining the Speakership. That also failed.

Meijer while generally a reliable Republican vote in the House – he actually voted against the American Rescue Plan and against stripping Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments – did break ranks and voted to impeach Trump the second time around. I guess he thinks people don’t need food, clothing and shelter and that it is perfectly fine to spread often racist lies but he draws the line at advocating the overthrowing of the government culminating in an attack on the Capital Building.

What the final outcome in Afghanistan will be is the subject of much debate and speculation. This much is clear, the current situation at the Kabul airport is chaotic and the last thing the people there who are charged with security and facilitating evacuations need is the distraction of a couple of members of Congress coming on a junket.
They are citing their oversight responsibility. A city council member has oversight responsibility over the fire department. Running into a burning building to see what the firefighters are doing is not recommended behavior or a prudent oversight activity.

At best,this act is an example of terrible judgement. If I found one silver lining in this cloud it is that neither have law degrees and therefore will probably never seek judgeships. You see I’m old fashioned and think one of the traits a judge certainly needs is good judgement.

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