’67 ’12 ’19 – Time To Tell Some People To Take A Hike

This is my first “live” blog in about a week. I needed to write ahead in order to accommodate what for me was a packed schedule of a medical procedure, travel and meetings. (Everything worked out wonderfully.) I thought I’d start out today’s article with the lyrics to a song and build from there. Let’s explore.

The song is the Jefferson Airplane’s 1967 hit, Somebody to Love (they were not to original recording artists). The opening verse and first four lines of the chorus are as follows and perfectly sum up the situation the Republican Party currently finds itself in.

When the truth is found to be lies

And all the joy within you dies


Don’t you want somebody to love?

Don’t you need somebody to love?

Wouldn’t you love somebody to love?

You better find somebody to love


Albeit agonizingly slowly Republicans are discovering that what Trump portrays to be the truth is all a lie. While the Reagan administration was known for junk bonds – wow, does that ever instill confidence – the Trump administration is the administration of the alternate truths. Sorry, Kellyanne there is the truth and then there are lies. I’m sure a lot of Republicans were filled with joy when they learned they had surprisingly taken back the White House. Today they are finally beginning to realize at what coast that occurred. Today’s GOP wants, needs and better find somebody other than the crooks and scam artists at their helm to love.

In 2012 Republican opinion leader Grover Norquist gave a speech during which he said all the Republicans wanted in a president was someone “[W]ith enough working digits” to sign their legislation. That’s a pretty low bar and in 2016 they found someone able to limbo under it in Donald Trump. Like Ollie North, Norquist came out of Ronald Reagan’s White House basement. Also like North he has managed to scam enough people on the right wing to make a good living for himself ever since. If Norquist is your fiscal policy guru, you really don’t have one.

That brings me to the current master of the Senate and perhaps the most evil man in America, Mitch McConnell. His transgressions are almost too numerous to chronical and certainly not within the constraints of this article. His latest occurred recently (2019 – see I followed the years for you). When asked what he would do if a Supreme Court justice were to die in the run-up to the 2020 election he quickly replied, “Replace them.” That brought laughter from the friendly crowed and even had McConnell briefly smiling. So much for his “principled stand” blocking the Merrick Garland nomination because a presidential election was soon upon us and the American people should make the choice.

The question you may be asking yourself is, “Why does Larry care about the Republican Party?” I have often said I am an American, a progressive and a Democrat in that order. While I choose not to join it, there is a market for a center-right Party in this country. The Republicans have filled that need in the past. The song tells us that with a Reagan-era grifter and an evil man led by a fool masquerading as a Republican they are in big trouble and so is America.

This may be asking a lot but both Trump and McConnell are up in 2020. The voters can erase them. Norquist talked about reducing government to the size that it could be drowned in a bathtub. Along those lines you can eradicate a con artist by cutting off their money. Americans, we are the final check the founders put in place. If the Republicans won’t save themselves it is incumbent upon the American voters to save America from them.

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  1. How much effort are the Democrats mounting to defeat McConnell? I’m not hearing any noise on that front yet.

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