5 Ladies Serving

There were some godawful candidates in 2022. Most lost. Unfortunately, a few of them slipped through and were elected. This may not be the biggest political story of the week just ended – as my Sunday articles most often are about – but I’d like to talk about five very talented ladies who won and we should be grateful for their service.

They range from the United States Senate to a small rural county in North Carolina. One is actually a Republican who I often disagree with on policy. Two I am privileged to consider personal friends. The three members of Congress only had their victories called during the last few days. Enough intros and disclaimers, here they are:

Lisa Murkowski

Lisa will be returning to the United States Senate to represent Alaska. In the past you have often seen her vote criticized here and I assume that will happen more than once over the next six years. However, Murkowski is among the very few somewhat independent Senate Republicans and if you are going to get a Republican or two to cross over, she is one of, if not the first one, you would lobby. She was head and shoulders superior to the Trump endorsed Republican who challenged her!

Katie Porter

There is not a dummy on this list – far from it in fact! – but Katie may be the smartest (which is saying a lot!). It may have been called a bit earlier but I got the news on Thanksgiving morning. Her reelection is certainly something all Americans should be thankful for and the evil among us should fear. I think she would be a great United States Senator. Governor Newsom, I hope you are listening should the opportunity arise for you to name one.

Mary Peltona

Mary won reelection to the seat she won in a special election earlier this year as Alaska’s lone Representative in the House of Representatives. She defeated Trump backed-Sarah Palin which in itself is a service to America. Her campaign was largely based on local issues (a throwback to old time politics) and the right to choose. This is a seat (and a delegation) that Mary enabled the Democrats to “steal” from the Republicans.

Sarah Crawford

In full disclosure Sarah and I have been friends for about a decade. As of this writing she is my State Senator. Among other things we served together on the Board of a non-profit where she did a great job and I am thankful for her efforts. Sarah switched chambers and won a seat in the North Carolina House of Representatives for the upcoming term. If you want proof of smarts, I offer her college GPA of 3.97.

Shelley Dickerson

Shelley is another personal and valued friend who I have know for over a decade. Shelley won election to a post she is currently serving in, Clerk of Superior Court in Franklin County, North Carolina. I could write a novel of the recent history of that office. Let me just say there is a villain and it isn’t Shelley. Among her credentials is an MBA from the University of Maryland and Franklin County is lucky to have her!

Women still haven’t reached parity with men in elected office. Perhaps I’ve just offered five examples (one of a different political party and political philosophy) of why they should.

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  1. I’m pleased Katie Porter prevailed, but the narrowness of her victory surprises, and worries, me.

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