408-0, Unfinished Business

OK, Trump was found guilty of 34 felonies and sentencing is scheduled for July 11. The reality is that we may see a delay but sentencing should occur before the election (and even that has an asterisk). The question now is what should the sentence be?

I’m not going to be so juvenile as to say, “Lock him up”, but that is my recommendation. I’ll justify that below.

Historically first-time offenders (and that means first time convicts) for similar offenses in the same jurisdiction have received prison time. Why should Donald Trump be any different?

The knee jerk reaction from the ignorant right wing is that he is running for President and that would be election interference. That position is easily refuted on two fronts. First, the convictions, all 34 of them, will be appealed after sentencing and the sentence will be stayed pending appeal. Trump will be free -although on probation – through the election.

As an aside, Trump complains of unfair treatment when most convicted felons spend the period between verdict and sentencing in jail.

If he were incarcerated it would not be the first time a candidate for the presidency had to conduct their campaign from prison. Eugene Debs ran from prison in 1920.

We need to stop the descent we have seen in our politics which if we fail to do so will end our democracy. I will repeat that historically most democracies die from within.

Largely we (and I will admit that at the time I agreed with the decision) went along with Gerald Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon. That effectively let Nixon live happily ever after facing no criminal penalty for his crimes. Still operating in the aftermath of that, we allowed Ronald Reagan to openly break federal law and suffer no penalty whatsoever. At least Nixon was forced to resign the presidency. That enabled Trump. Can you see the destructive pattern that must be stopped? I am among the many that believe punishment, at least to some degree, serves as a deterrent for crime. Allowing presidents to get away with basically anything certainly hasn’t worked!

Trump’s personal conduct also speaks against going easy on him. He shows absolutely no contrition or remorse. In fact, quite the contrary. I am talking about his actions before, during and after the verdict. It may be the same old, easy disproven rhetoric but why makes you think unpunished it will cease?

Even if you feel that Trump doesn’t care about winning in November, (and a case for that can be made) we know he is profiting off this situation. If you believe he doesn’t have a ton of money offshored and an exit plan I suggest you go hunt for the unicorns on your roof. This always was, and still is, primarily about money. Trump is a master of few arts (certainly not of the deal!); but  he is a master of the scam.

Probation is one of the suggested punishments. I’ll leave you with one thought to ponder. Considering 1/6 and the nutcases who love him, would you want to be Trump’s probation officer?

Oh, the “asterisk” is possible Supreme Court intervention. I serious question whether they even have jurisdiction in this matter but The Six have been very “creative” in some of their decisions. They don’t seem to care much about the Constitution or other laws.

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