$3 Billion That We Know Of

I have long maintained that the Trump administration was primarily an organized criminal enterprise designed to enrich a very small inner circle. This week we found additional proof of that.

Many Americans consider Saudi Arabia to be an ally. I’m not counting the political people who say that because they feel it is necessary to protect hopefully temporary American needs; I’m talking about those who are actually foolish enough to genuinely believe that. Let me be clear Saudi Arabia is not our ally, probably never has been nor ever will be. They are controlled by a corrupt family simply looking for self-enrichment. That of course made them the perfect business partners for Trump and his crew. Unlike Trump they are actually fabulously wealthy. The similarities are lack of morals and insatiable greed.

Jared Kushner, whose only qualifications in life appear to be that he is a member of the Lucky Sperm Cell Club and that he married Ivanka Trump, served as a senior advisor to then-President Trump. Totally devoid of expertise he managed to get the Middle East as part of his portfolio. That meant he was the point person on Saudi Arabia. He made several trips to the region during the Trump presidency (we don’t know how many because they were not all disclosed, or at least in a timely fashion). In fact, on January 6, 2022, in the waning days of the administration, he was in Saudi Arabia. That always seemed a bit odd. What business of America could he have been conducting at that late date?

It appears that the New York Times has given us the answer. They are reporting that about six months after the Trump presidency ended the Saudi Sovereign Wealth Fund invested $2 billion in Kushner’s fledgling hedge fund which as of the last reporting had a total of $2.5 billion in assets. (The Saudi investment is not only the largest, it is 80% of the firm’s total assets.) Keep in mind that Kushner has no past experience (let alone success) in the hedge fund business. In fact, his major business experience seems to be managing his daddy’s real estate holdings after his daddy was put in prison. Even then his biggest transaction was fabulously overpaying for the property at 666 Park Avenue. Would you give a guy with that resume your money to mange for you?

Kushner wasn’t the only high Trump administration official on the hunt for Saudi money. After his DC days former Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin also started a hedge fund and the Saudi’s gave him $1 billion to invest. Mnuchin at least has an investment background the highlight of which was foreclosing on thousands of people so that he could personally profit.

One of the concerns is whether the Saudis were just paying back for favors rendered or if they were also investing in the anticipation that Trump might return to the Oval Office, this time totally unconstrained. Both are illegal (from the standpoint of Kushner and Mnuchin at least) the latter is down right terrifying!

That brings me to the question some of you may be asking: Why should I care? You should care because they did this with Your money. You paid for their expenses when they took expensive personal enrichment calling trips. And this is only the $3 billion that we know of. Want to bet there is more?

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