Not Great Expectations Or Performances. Repercussions Pending?

Timestamp: Very early Saturday afternoon

The biggest story of the week just ended (regardless of the timestamp this won’t be published until Sunday; I’m just allowing for unexpected event(s)), was Thursday’s debate and its repercussions. If you thought the debate was strange – and it was! – the run-up was even stranger. First off, I long thought there was a very good chance that it wouldn’t even happen. In retrospect: we should have been so lucky. The early evening of the debate I still entertained the possibility of watching a recording of it the next morning. In a strange way I’m glad I watched it live. I did not expect the debate to move the needle much since so many are already dug in and the low information and low turnout voter was unlikely to watch. Perhaps, my age is a reason but I can’t help wondering down memory lane of debates and political moves past. That is part of where I will ask you to journey with me today.

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The Endorsement Of Angela Alsobrooks

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Progressive Sweeping LXXX

I knew one article would be woefully insufficient. Two certainly won’t do the trick but it will improve upon yesterday’s performance.

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Progressive Sweeping LXXIX

To say I have some catching up to do is an understatement. Sweeping; I need a bulldozer and I’d still get an incomplete!

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A Remedy By Rose

I’m back. Now I can explain my absence. (I’m probably overly security conscious). I’ve spent a good part of June traveling during which I visited several longtime friends, including Rose, more about that below, (and I made a few new ones).

One of the problems most honest Americans have with our political system is the Electoral College. It is no coincidence that many nations have imitated our Constitution when designing theirs but sans an Electoral College. The institution was a necessity in the formative days of our country as well as one of the many compromises necessary to get the United States of America off the ground. In one of several late-night conversations my friend Rose gave me the basis of this solution.

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