Progressive Sweeping LXXVII

To a large degree today’s will be a different sort of “sweeping” article in that much will be my opinions/observations as opposed to current events comments. I’m anxious to begin and hope you will read along.

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I just added They Came For The Schools: One Town’s Fight Over Race and Identity, and The New War For America’s Classrooms by: Mike Hixenbaugh to the Recommended Reading List.

I’ve long written of the right wing’s war on public education.  One of the three pillars holding upon today’s GOP is the promotion of ignorance  This book is like the prosecution’s case proving me to be correct.

They are also using the school to steal money along with promoting their racist, xenophobic and homophobic views.

The Who Didn’t Speak Spoke The Loudest

As I pen this the closing arguments in the Trump hush money trial are going on. I’d have never made it to the jury and I haven’t been paying as close of attention as many others but I already know everything I need to.

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Progressive Sweeping LXXVI

I’ll never cover all that I should but let’s give it a whirl.

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Memorial Days

Albeit sincere a Memorial Day article is to some degree a fluff piece. I like to say that I’m an American, a progressive and a Democrat in that order. The third is largely caused by the second and without the lives given by many who came before, and arguably after, me being the first would be meaningless. I want to honor them and many other veterans in other than an ordinary manner. Then I intend to end this posting with a twist you won’t read elsewhere that should serve as somewhat of a warning.

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