Fight Then Flight

It is Monday morning as I pen this and Donald Trump’s criminal trial is about to begin in New York City. I expect this to be a long, drawn-out affair with tons of coverage, most of which will not be worth paying attention to. There is amble speculation as to the outcome and I’d like to look at a seldom considered ending.

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Timestamp: Sunday morning

I haven’t written a lot about the situation in the Middle East but I’ve far from ignored it. It is certainly dynamic, hence the timestamp. October 7th didn’t occur in a vacuum but it was a game changer. This weekend’s Iranian attack on Israel will prove to be another inflection point, but there was one heck of an overture. With all that in mind I’d like to propose the outline of a path forward from an American perspective.

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Thanks To Trump

Sometimes a little good comes out of a lot of bad. When you are a kid, you break your arm and it is set in a cast. That is bad. You discover friends you never realized you had when your schoolmates sign your cast. That is good. I, like most native-born Americans took democracy for granted; Trump made me appreciate it.

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Ask Them To Choose On Choice

Monday Donald Trump sort of declared his abortion policy (more, but not enough, on that below). Every time I see numbers more and more Americans support a woman’s right to choose or at least reject draconian abortion laws. Some time ago I advised 2024 Democratic candidates to run on choice. Today I feel even stronger about that. Today’s is a short article but it doesn’t lack substance,

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