P, P & E

I often have unusual (if you weren’t being polite, you might say weird) thoughts. The other day I recalled a conversation I had subsequent to the 2012 Obama campaign with a young volunteer who I had tremendous respect for. That was the catalyst that got me thinking. If, as I hope, you’ll suffer through my thoughts for a bit  you will read on.

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Another Successful Democratic Cleanup

Whether we like it or not the 2024 presidential election will be a binary choice between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Oh, there will be other candidates but none of them have a chance of winning. Today I’d like to compare their performances with respect to the COVID pandemic and its aftermath.

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It’s On

If anyone had any doubt about it, the events of the week just ended should put them to rest. The 2024 election will be between Joe Biden and Donald Trump and the campaign has commenced.

Trump’s victory over Nikki Haley in New Hampshire’s Republican Primary combined with Joe Biden’s write in (it was weird and there is no need to get into the specifics) victory in the Democratic version has for all intents and purposes solidified the contest.

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