The Endorsement Of Jeff Jackson

There will be a plethora of 2024 endorsements. I already endorsed Joe Biden months ago. There will be many candidates that supports but will not be able to endorse. Most of those endorsements will be for Governor or at the federal level. Before the rush starts, today we can endorse a statewide, but sub-governor level candidate. He is well deserving and well qualified. His name is Jeff Jackson and he is a Democrat running for North Carolina Attorney General.

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Striking Back

“Anytime you have a group that feels as though it’s headed toward generational demise, it lashes out. It puts up a fight. It refuses to give up what’s theirs.” Those are the words of David Brooks who currently writes an opinion column for the New York Times. I must admit I have only read one of his books and usually do not read his column. Perhaps I should.

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Will Joe Have Coattails?

Coattails. In politics it means that the candidate(s) at the top of the ballot has a way of “dragging” voters to vote for other members of their party as they go down the ballot. At the top of every ballot in America this Fall will be the race for the presidency and barring something wildly unforeseen for the Democrats the candidate will be Joe Biden.

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Under The ’23 Christmas Tree

Today is Christmas and it’s time for to pass out some mythical gifts to deserving progressives and one special one at the end. This year’s list may be a bit shorter than some of its predecessors but I’m sure that will be appreciated by most readers who have more interesting things to do today.

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