It’s Not Perfect But It’s Not Complicated Either

We had another mass shooting this week that amazingly made the headlines. I say amazingly because mass shootings are a more than once a day occurrence in America. While no single or combinations of solutions exist that are perfect there are several simple steps, widely supported by Americans across all demographics, that can reduce the number of shootings and their severity. Yet a powerful political minority stops them from being implemented nationally and in fact fights even their local implementation.

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Get Somebody Up

Tomorrow is opening day for my Tampa Bay Rays so I’m in full baseball mode even when I’m writing about politics. The Republicans’ current situation reminds me of a team that knows it’s starter can’t finish the game but refuses to get a viable reliever up in the bullpen.

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Right Wing Dots

Again, a time stamp is necessary and it is Monday morning March 27, 2023. I want to present several far right wing “dots” and see if you are making similar connections. I use the term “far right wing” because that is what they are despite the fact that many of them seek legitimacy in the term “conservative”. While I am not a conservative I respect (and in some instances and circumstances actually agree with parts of that philosophy).   I contend that the words “conservative” and “crazy” are not synonyms. However, most of the actions depicted here are not those of true conservatives.

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I added Jeff Sharlet’s The Undertow: Scenes from a Slow Civil War to the Recommended Reading List yesterday.

The book is equally terrifying and informative (for other than the extreme right that is)  I’ll put it plain (while still staying PG) the junk many Americans believe (and belief is the key) is as scary as it is incorrect.