2023 Progressive Of The Year

When you first read the name of the 2023 recipient you will ask “Who?” After you read a bit about her you’ll say, “Now I remember”. After I lay out my logic you will say. “I agree!”.

Tellthetruthonthem.com names Caitlin Bernard, MD its 2024 Progressive of the Year. OK, all together now say, “Who?”

Dr. Bernard is an obstetrician-gynecologist and performed an abortion on the 10-year-old Ohio girl who had to flee to Indiana in order to obtain the necessary medical treatment in the wake of the Dobbs decision earlier this year. Since then, she has been the target of politically motivated retaliation. For the most part she has beat that also.

This was one of the marquee cases that outlined the inequity of Dobbs and subsequent laws it enabled or resurrected. Dobbs neither did nor does not represent mainstream American thinking. As simple proof I offer the example that despite Republican efforts to rig the system, Ohio voters (yes, the state the child came from) subsequently enshrined the right to abortion into the state’s constitution.

When put on the ballot subsequent to Dobbs, which was a wakeup call, pro-choice measures have all won, even in deep red states. This could not have been achieved without a huge turnout some of which had to be Republican (mostly women) leaning voters. While I hope this is and should be more than a women’s issue, that is the electoral demographic I want to focus on. Choice will be a winning issue for Democratic candidates in 2024. Democrats traditionally win the women’s vote with the exception of the sub-demographic of white women. (And that they lose it by a narrow margin.) Running on choice can swing that sub-demographic and that will usually be the difference between defeat and victory. Plus, it is simply the correct thing to do.

A lot of people have made this happen and many, many more will be needed to save American democracy and people capable of conception from being relegated to second-class citizenship. Caitlin Bernard was one of the trailblazers.

It’s Christmas Eve and I have to assume most of my readers are busy today. You didn’t need a long article but you have to admit this one was worth reading and the recipient well worthy.

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