2022 Looking Ahead

Today is the last scheduled publishing day of 2021 and therefore time to look ahead to 2022. Yesterday we saw that prognosticating skills are not perfect here but I’ll give you my predicted top five for the year to come anyway. I’ll also end this column with a chilling observation.

The most impactful, and I predict biggest, story of 2022 will be the mid-term elections. Both the House and the Senate are very much in play. Add to that many governors’ mansions and state legislatures.

While perhaps not the next most important but certainly the most interesting will be the plethora of Trump scandals that will be unveiled or explained. I could fill pages on end with speculation of “that one” which has been left dangling. A lot of people are “knocking at doors”; some will be knocked open.

The continuing attacks on democracy will get even more attention. In many cases I fear it will be too late. The best hope we have in 2022 is that it is still a dress rehearsal for 2024. Hopefully Congress will take necessary action before ’24.

As usual the economy will be in the news. My biggest hope is that it stabilizes early enough for it not to hurt the Democrat in the mid-term. Obstructionist Republicans and anti-vaxxers are doing and will continue to do all they can to hurt it.

In fifth place I have the revelations that the 1/6 committee will discover. The courts and the clock are the two factors beyond their control.

That was short, if not sweet. Did you notice something in todays and yesterday’s columns? There was absolutely no mention of either climate change or America’s gun problem. That is because despite the fact the planet is getting closer to inhabitability and guns are killing Americans at a rate unseen in the rest of the industrialized world neither can crack the top five news items. That is scary!

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