2022 Book Of The Year

We are getting close to the last minute holiday shopping crunch – or for you procrastinators the planning stage. Sizes and selections are starting to be a bear. For online shoppers (and there are more of us especially as our lives changed more rapidly due to the pandemic) delivery is now a consideration. Today I’ll make what has become my annual plea to give the gift of knowledge. In the process I’ll reveal tellthetruthonthem.com’s Book of the Year for 2022.

I added nine books to the recommended reading list this year which considering the tight criteria and high standards is a lot. The 2022 Book of the Year is How Civil Wars Start by: Barbara F. Walter. Keep in mind that it was released on January 4th. The UC- San Diego professor frightened me and I’m still scared as I write this. While, like most Americans, I don’t think it can happen here the science is undeniable.

Here are the other eight books that it also made the list in 2022.
The 1619 Project edited by Nikole Hannah-Jones, Strongmen by NYU professor Ruth Ben-Ghiat, A Brief History of Equity by French economist Thomas Piketty, The Woman They Could Not Silence by Kate Moore (thanks to my local independent bookseller and his non-fiction book club), Raising Lazarus by: Beth Macy, The Storm Is Here by: Luke Mogelson, When McKinsey Comes To Town by: Walt Bogdanich and Michael Forsythe along with The Persuaders by: Anand Girharadas.

I beg you to patronize your local independent bookseller. They are pillars of your community and help provide what I like to call continuous education via reading. Make just a little effort and you will be surprised how quickly they get to know you and your reading desires!

Getting back to gifts for a second, books are perfect. Just tell your local independent bookseller a bit about the recipient and they will lead you to a choice. If you are still perplexed, try a gift card; the perfect one size fits all. Most independents take orders online and deliver.

Give the gift of knowledge via reading and don’t forget to include yourself on your nice list! In the 21st century learning needs to be continuous for all but the temporarily useful idiots of the radical right.

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