A T-shirt In Boston

My conservative, Republican neighbor (and my best friend in the neighborhood) was in Boston earlier this summer when he spotted a T-shirt and sent me a photo. It said, “COMMON SENSE is so rare these days, it should be classified as a SUPERPOWER”. We both agreed and that will form the basis of today’s article which I will end with a pearl of personal wisdom appropriate to today’s America and the situation we find ourselves in. Continue reading A T-shirt In Boston

Of Carrots And Sticks

Attend any sort of leadership forum and you will certainly hear something about carrots and sticks. I think I’ve heard it in conjunction with every leadership role I’ve ever held with the possible exception of in politics. (Perhaps I’d heard it so many times by then that I simply “slept” through that presentation.)

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You Didn’t Have To Be There

My generation’s war was Viet Nam. Primarily due to a 333 in the lottery I didn’t go. That doesn’t prohibit me from empathy and understanding. I do not speak Vietnamese nor did I know the geography or customs. (I could have found it on the globe but that is about it – and more than a lot of other young men of my generation.) Had I been on the ground my life would have been in the hands of an interpreter and my organization’s success would have been in large part dependent on cooperative denizens. Fast forward two generations, change the location to Afghanistan and the story is basically the same. If I can realize this why couldn’t 16 House Republicans?

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Truth: The Enemy Of The Trumpublicans

This article is being written on Saturday morning. Although somewhat doubtful because it is the weekend, I cannot rule out developments between now and publishing.

Most often the subject of Sunday’s article is the biggest political story of the week just ended. While there was plenty of competition, I cannot see what is more important than the defense of America. At its core, that is really what the 1/6 probe is all about.

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