I just added Antitrust: Taking On Monopoly Power From The Gilded Age To The Digital Age by: Amy Klobuchar  to the Recommended Reading List.

Senator Klobuchar deals with too big business in a very kitchen table manner with only minimal wonkishness.   The introduction alone should be required reading before voting.


Down 4 Or More Going In

You probably expected an article about President Biden’s State of the Union Address that technically wasn’t a State of the Union Address. Sorry, this is being written on the morning before and if I write about the speech, it will be the subject of Sunday’s article. Continue reading Down 4 Or More Going In

A Progressive Replacement Plan

The right wing likes to throw around a couple of terms lately to make themselves feel smart. To use President Biden’s word, in reality they are malarkey. One of them is The Replacement Theory.

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Today’s Republicans Are Disgusting

Today’s will be another of my quick hit articles. There is a theme – the outrages of today’s right wing in America operating under the cover of the Republican Party.

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