I recently added Caste by Isabel Wilkerson to the Recommended Reading List.

Wilkerson explores inequity via social hierarchy primarily in the United States and India.  In the case of India the caste system is the primary tool; in America it is race.

She contends that any such system requires a bottom caste in order to thrive and that people marginally in an upper caste – like poor, less skilled and educated whites in America –  will cling to their supposed superior caste membership even at the price of their self-interest.


Between Two Quotes

In her book Caste, Isabel Wilkerson relays part of a conversation she had with famed fellow author Taylor Branch.  During it he ponders, “If people were given a choice between democracy and whiteness, how many would chose whiteness?”  Continue reading Between Two Quotes

Scribes Over Senators

Notice: I use the word “blind” in the following. Please allow me to apologize in advance to any who thinks I am belittling the unsighted community.  I assure you I am not and am only using the word “blind” in a figurative sense. 

I have long thought that no man is as blind as he who refused to see. Today I want to modernize my expression and simultaneously make it less misogynist.  My new axiom is: No person is as blind as one who refuses to acknowledge the reality their eyes see.  Continue reading Scribes Over Senators

Numbers And An Unknown

Today I want to go over some numbers that I feel tell quite a story. I will conclude with the X factor that the Biden administration is currently solving for.  If I take some poetic license along the way I will blame it on the fact that I was not a math major.  Continue reading Numbers And An Unknown

Don’t Let This One Get Past You

There was some huge political news made Monday morning but I bet it slipped by a lot of Americans. It shouldn’t!  Continue reading Don’t Let This One Get Past You