2021 Ready Or Not Here It Comes

Today is New Year’s Eve and the last publishing day of 2020 at telltheruthonthem.com. What better opportunity to attempt to predict the five biggest American political stories of 2021?  Let’s explore.  

In the top spot I have the Georgia runoffs which will be held on January 5th.  They will determine the control of the Senate and if history is any indication the path forward for the federal government.  When we hit this time next year it will largely be forgotten (except among the political junkies) but it will probably have the largest impact.

The next will be the course of the pandemic and economy. I have combined the two on purpose because they are inextricably linked.  If you contain the pandemic an improving economy will follow suit.  Attaching the economy without containing the pandemic is a fool’s errand.  Most of the economic hardships are caused by the pandemic; not the other way around.

The interaction between the Biden administration and Congress will be in the third spot and may end up getting the most ink because there will be so many “sub-stories”. Again, the results of the Georgia runoffs will set that stage.

The next two are more of the tabloid variety and I will admit number five is a hunch of little consequence to the average citizen of the world other than to sate our “voyeur” instincts. (Do I have you intrigued?)

In fourth place I have the Trump era scandals that will be unearthed or further unearthed. That includes probable prosecutions of Trump cronies and most likely of Trump himself.  Trump will rue the day he ran for President and even more the day in 2016 that he won.  He figuratively flew too close to the sun.  In his previous life he was already basically a crook and a con artist but he was low profile enough to evade serious scrutiny and consequences.  As president or ex-president he is no longer dealing with gossip reporters; the A list of award winning investigative journalists were and will continue to cover him.  They have and will continue to uncover evidence.  Prior to 2015 Trump was not a big enough target for a prosecutor to make a name for himself or herself by taking down.  Now any indictment of Trump is international news; even as the immediate past president.

Here is my flyer. I predict Melania Trump will commence divorce proceedings in 2021.  I certainly don’t have any inside information.  I do not personally know either of the parties and have no desire to even meet either.  Donald Trump is going to be in huge financial trouble in the very near future.  Part will come from the hundreds of millions in debt that is soon coming due.  The other will be the constant legal battles he will be forced to fight.  He will soon be broke.  Melania will want to get out with a nice settlement and you can’t get money from a man who doesn’t have any.

Well, there you have my predictions for the year to come in a matter of hours from their publishing. In any event it is difficult to envision 2021 being a worse year than 2020.  Celebrate its exit safely!

This article was written well ahead of publishing in order to accommodate my year end hiatus and is the property of tellthetruthonthem.com. Its content may not be used without citing the source.  It may not be reproduced without the permission of Larry Marciniak.