The Original Error

Business, politics, policy and basketball; it’s amazing how their lessons intersect. My degree is in management, I currently write about American politics which necessitates that I explore policy. The basketball is just a part of me that influences my decision making but has nothing to do with today’s article. I promise you it gets much more interesting. Let’s explore. Continue reading The Original Error

Tales Of The 2020 GOP Platform

Please correct me if I am wrong but I cannot remember a national political party convention that did not issue a platform and I started following conventions in 1960. These days only nerds actually read the platforms but they are the basic philosophy that a Party runs on that year. The 2020 Republican National Convention chose not to issue one; that speaks volumes! Let’s explore. Continue reading Tales Of The 2020 GOP Platform


I just added You’re Fired: The Perfect Guide to Beating Donald Trump by: Paul Begala to the Recommended Reading List.  This is far from just another Trump bashing book.  I suggest you read it (like conservative Rick Wilson’s books) from the agnostic science of political science viewpoint.

While I certainly recommend that you read it before the 2020 election it will have value long after it.

Days Is A Plural Word

Today’s is basically a continuation of yesterday’s article entitled Dog Days Clearance. Fortunately for me “days” is a plural word. Let’s explore. Continue reading Days Is A Plural Word