I just added Capital and Ideology by Thomas Piketty to the Recommended Reading list.   This latest work by the world acclaimed French economist  is very long.  In some ways it is more of an investment than a read.  For those who persevere they will be rewarded!  It is a fantastic exploration of inequity viewed through more than just an economic lens.

I am a bit jealous in that it is the all encompassing book I’d love to write but know I never will.

Another Brick In The Wall

One of the first consolidations of power moves of most fascist and totalitarian leaders is to control information. Last week we saw the first concrete moves at censorship by Donald Trump. With that and a bit more in mind, let’s explore. Continue reading Another Brick In The Wall

Of Peaks And Valleys

Much of the financial gambling class, (rich white boys on Wall Street mainly playing with other people’s money), keep talking of a V-shaped recovery from the current Trump Depression. (Expect they refuse to recognize the fact that we are in the Trump Depression.) I have a much different take on the current American economic situation and as is often the case I hope I’m wrong; but I doubt it. Let’s explore. Continue reading Of Peaks And Valleys

Of Politics And Personal Conduct

Culture starts at the top in large government entities as it does in any other organization. That is why I’m in favor of putting CEO’s in prison when companies willfully violate laws. Putting a plant manager or middle level executive in jail doesn’t change the culture or prevent future occurrences. Whether we like it or not Donald Trump is the President and Mike Pence is the Vice President and therefore in terms of structure and succession number two. They both lack the skill of leadership, their personal conduct illustrates it and the federal government reflects it. Let’s explore. Continue reading Of Politics And Personal Conduct

One Chart

I am currently reading Capital And Ideology by the French economist Thomas Piketty. The book is very long, packed with interesting discussions and charts. One chart really grabbed me and I’d like to discuss it with you today. Continue reading One Chart