A Health Danger

I often remark not just on the changes I have seen in my life but their velocity. Today that includes me. I am calling on legitimate news outlets to stop covering President Trump live. That is something I never anticipated doing, do so after considerable thought and with reluctance. This position was unthinkable to me only weeks ago. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Health Danger

A YOYO Program Led By A Yoyo

One of the best lines of the 2016 campaign was uttered by Hillary Clinton when she called the Republican health care plan a yoyo as in You’re On Your Own. Yoyo is an interesting word especially when you apply it to today’s America. Let’s explore. Continue reading A YOYO Program Led By A Yoyo

Doozy Of An Outrage

The outrages surrounding the coronavirus pandemic are too numerous to cover in a single article. My original plan was to write about several, (there is no shortage of material). As I wrote this I decided to cover just one. It is a doozy! Let’s explore. Continue reading Doozy Of An Outrage

’22 Here’s Looking At You

I thought I’d take a one article break from the present and look at the future. The future I want to look at is the way too early shape of the 2022 Senate races. Let’s explore. Continue reading ’22 Here’s Looking At You

When Pride And Greed Meet

It’s Tuesday morning and I sit here with the TV muted and tuned to C-SPAN2 as I begin this article. Led by Manslaughter Mitch McConnell, Republican Senators are taking to the Senate floor spewing partisan rhetoric. The subject matter is the latest proposed coronavirus response legislation. Let’s explore. Continue reading When Pride And Greed Meet