No Need To Make A Deal

I was fortunate enough to have graduated from what then was one of the top 25 schools in the world in my major. Despite that I think I learned some of my most valuable lessons in life in sports. There is an old adage in baseball: Sometimes the best trade is the one you don’t make. With that in mind let’s explore. Continue reading No Need To Make A Deal

Otherwise Happening

Impeachment is sucking up all the oxygen in the political news world but there is much else going on that I want to try to touch on. The operative word may be “try”. Let’s explore. Continue reading Otherwise Happening

A (Bolt)on Out Of The Gray

There are a several plays on words and expressions in the title of today’s article. Don’t let that diminish the serious of its content. We are rapidly approaching a fateful point in the impeachment of Donald Trump and the history of America. Let’s explore. Continue reading A (Bolt)on Out Of The Gray

Republicans Save Yourselves

I doubt anyone in my true target audience for today (the 53 Republican senators) will read this article. However it is my analysis of exactly what is going on at the moment. The event that dominated the political news last week and will continue to for at least this week is the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. The main reason it is coming into this week is the endeavor to please Trump. That is coupled with a hunger for TV time. I suspect, and time will tell, that it also may include the fact that Midnight Mitch McConnell is much smarter than Trump. That is an indisputable fact; I just don’t know if it is a factor yet. Let’s explore.     Continue reading Republicans Save Yourselves