2020 Progressive Of The Year

This year tellthetruthonthem.com has decided to name the 80 million plus American voters who cast their ballots for Joe Biden its 2020 Progressive of the Year. (I guess it should be plural.)  It only seems fitting to attach a single name to the honor and that name is Jim Williams.  Who?  Why?  Please continue reading and discover.

On September 24, 2020 – the first day of early voting in Michigan – 77 year old Jim Williams, with the physical aid of his son and daughter, cast his vote. Being a registered Democrat who considered Trump to be toxic, it is reasonable to assume he voted for Joe Biden.  More importantly his vote and over 80 million like it saved democracy.  While the labels may have been Biden and Trump it was really American democracy that was on the ballot.

A lot of people endured a variety of hardships to vote. Long lines were commonplace in many places.  At times there was inclement weather.  In one way or another we all braved the pandemic.  My personal extra efforts were a picnic compared to Mr. Williams’.  You see he was suffering from colon cancer and had lost 40 pounds.  He was literally racing death.

Williams’ is an “A” for effort situation. He did all any of us can do: everything in his power.  Eight days after casting his vote Jim Williams died.  The law varies by state but in Michigan you have to be alive on Election Day for your early vote to count.  In the end Williams’ efforts were in vain.  For all intents and purposes he died trying.

A lot of Americans who came before me died so that I can vote. In my mind to not vote is to dishonor them.  I guess Jim Williams felt like me about a lot of civic and political situations.  He died trying!

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